Macomb needs more beauty supplies stores

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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As an African-American female with natural hair, it would be helpful for Macomb to have more beauty supplies that are suitable for my hair type and texture with affordable prices.

Growing up, there were certain products that I considered my holy-grails. My mom would use the same products every time she did my hair, depending on the hairstyle. For instance, if I was getting my hair flat-ironed, minimal product was needed versus having to use more products for a twist-out. Those same products transitioned with me, as I got older, helping me to keep the same routine. However, now being an adult living in such a small town as Macomb, I can see I took having the convenience of having those products at my fingertips for granted, considering they aren’t in my reach until I’m able to go home again.

Yes, Wal-Mart and Dollar General are helpful when it comes to the gels and shampoos that I prefer to use, but sometimes a girl just needs those beauty supply products that bigger stores don’t have. Sally’s is useful, but who wants to pay more than eight dollars for a sample pack of deep conditioner? Not me. For someone like me who has chemically treated hair, Sally’s is great for buying hair dye as well as the other products associated with doing it safely. However, Sally’s is just too expensive for a college student like me on a frugal budget. I find myself making special requests to my family when they come to visit me, because I can’t find what I need here in Macomb, or what I’m looking for is too expensive in the stores that are here. Yes, I can always substitute my products for the ones that are made available to me, but sometimes a girl just needs her go-to products.

I have recently gone natural with my hair, and in all honesty, I don’t know exactly what I am doing. Every day I look to find a new product, hoping for better results with my hair, only to discover that it’s because I’m trying things that I know are not meant for my hair type and texture. I want to be able to do my hair with the confidence that my products will work for me and give me the results that I am looking for. Thankfully, Dollar General has acceptable prices on their natural products because I would have to make a trip home once a month, which would not be convenient at all. I could travel to Peoria or Quincy in search of the products that I need, but again, how is that convenient?

It’s sad that I wait until my senior year to voice my opinion, but I think that I’ve held it in long enough. Even before I went natural, I was still in desperate need of certain products and would find myself on Amazon, hoping that it wouldn’t cost me more than I was willing to spend for what I needed.

Hopefully a change will come, because I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same way.

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