Mega Man 11 released

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

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Mega Man 11 came out last Tuesday. It is the latest iteration in the classic Mega Man series of video games. It is also a spiritual successor to the classic Mega Man series. The game looks as challenging and fun as older games of the series. I watched the Game Grumps on YouTube play it, and here are my thoughts.

The game looks super hard. There are plenty of enemies to fight and hazards to dodge. Each level in the game is named after the boss you fight at the end. The bosses in this game are Block Man, Acid Man, Blast Man, Fuse Man, Bounce Man, Torch Man, Impact Man and Tundra Man. You can select any one of these bosses in any order. The Fuse Man level looks rather difficult, because there are yellow lasers that you have to dodge while going through the level. Tundra Man’s level has fierce winds in certain areas that push you ahead or try to slow you down. Impact Man’s level has spikes that fly across the screen you have to avoid.

The game has an upgrade system and rewards you with new weapons after you complete the levels. Mega Man can only shoot his arm cannon left or right, and if you hold down the fire button, he charges up a more powerful shot. The Bounce Man level is full of trampolines and things that make you bounce around. Its interesting how the level designers designed it. However, it can be frustrating at times. The story told at the beginning goes like this. The year is 20XX. Dr. Light is a scientist who makes robots. Dr. Wily is an evil scientist who shows up and steals all of Dr. Light’s robots and reprograms them for evil. So Mega Man has to go and defeat all the robots to win the game. The game looks really fun. It’s out for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Original Mega Man games were for NES and SNES and came out in the 80’s and 90’s. The YouTube Channel I watched the gameplay on, Game Grumps, is a show in the “let’s play” genre. The two hosts of the show, Danny and Arin, are super funny. They have been running their show since 2012 and have played many games in their time. They’ve played old Mega Man games as well as a lot of other kinds of games. You should check them out.

They joked at the beginning of their video that when certain franchises get into the “11” range, they no longer number their sequels. They joked and said this game should be called Mega Man: The Force Awakens or Mega Man: Beyond Effort. It may not be your regular big name game like “Call of Duty” or “Far Cry” but it’s good for what it is: a 2D platformer. I recommend this game because playing it can train your eye-hand coordination and motor skills so that you can go back to your other games with improved video game skills.

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