Roosevelt releases album

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

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Roosevelt, a DJ and synth-pop artist, has released his sophomore album, “Young Romance.” His first debut single was “Elliot” in 2013.

The sound on this record is very similar to his self-titled debut album. “Take Me Back” is the first song on the album. Half of it is an intro, and the percussion reminds me of “September” by St. Lucia.

“Under The Sun” is a song with a happy tune. It’s good to dance to. Roosevelt’s sound is a lot like your typical pop musicians, but better because he uses analog synthesizers, thus mixing electronica with pop. It’s funky, and there is an 80’s vibe within his music. His music is good for road trips, especially the next track “Yr Love,” which has got to be my favorite. There is a synth in the song that reminds me of a melody that a guitar would sound like in a 2000s rock song. I just can’t put my finger on it. Afterward, you are hit with the next track, “Illusions.” For a second you think you’re listening to the beginning of “Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra. It has a similar percussion sequence. You are lifted into the journey that this song takes you on. He sings “All I can see, is illusions, riding through my mind.” This song reminds me of the unique sound of Tame Impala.

“Losing Touch” is the next happy tune. It’s a song about losing someone’s love and wanting to go back to the time when you had it. After that is another one of my favorites, “Pangea.” Roosevelt sings falsetto on this one, accompanied by guitar and synths. This song is awesome because it shows off his vocal range. “Lucia” is next. This is a lot like “Colours” on his debut album. “Lucia” must’ve been about his ex-girlfriend. “Better Days” is a slower song, and I can only listen to it when I am in a certain mood. “Shadows” reminds me of the general sound of Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories.” It’s funky and it has a groove. The lyrics in Roosevelt’s songs seem to serve musical purpose more than wanting to make sense. That is okay because his music is pretty good. He has a million or more monthly listeners on Spotify. The lyrics sometimes make sense, and when they do, they seem to be about someone he lost in the past. He sings falsetto a little on “Last to Know.”

“Forgive” features artist Washed Out, whose most popular song is “Feel It All Around.” The song features his voice. It’s a sad song about it being too late to turn around. Overall, this album slaps. “Getaway” is a wonderful synth-y outro. Roosevelt is an amazing pop artist and his new album “Young Romance” is worth a listen. Marius Lauber is Roosevelt’s real name. He started in a teenage indie band called Beat!Beat!Beat!. The band disbanded later and he became a soloist.

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