Michael’s Halloween hunt continues

Johnathon Lynch, Courier Staff

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The latest installment of the horror thriller “Halloween” returns to the big screen Oct. 19. This Halloween will be one for the ages.

All early reports of this movie tell us that we should ignore everything that we have seen in all of the other Halloween movies, except for the first one. This has caused some controversy, and I myself find it rather odd that they would do something like this. The Halloween franchise has taken many twists and turns in the movie series pasts. One of the main characters Laurie Strode even died in two of them!

Fan favorite Jamie Lee Curtis returns in this movie as Strode. Fans of the movie know Strode as the lone survivor of Michael Myers terror filled tirade. The previous movies have Strode always trying to get away from Myers and never being prepared for the imminent attacks. This movie looks different. The previews for the movie show a motivated and fortified Strode ready to take on Myers. Some of the brief scenes shown, are Strode doing some firearms training and the other of where she clearly states that she is ready if Michael escapes again, giving this version is an interesting twist.

The question that everybody wants to know is how did Myers escape this time? Early reports say that the movie starts off 40 years after the original movie. Myers is in prison, and is being visited by a cast from a TV show that is documenting his crimes and making a show about them. Myers takes advantage of this and escapes only with one target in mind.

The movies that happened after the first original movie always portrayed Strode as Meyer’s long lost sister, and in doing this they gave the audience a reason for Myers to come after Strode. The previews for this movie insinuate that Strode is in fact not related to Myers, and this myth was one that was made up to give the crime more of a family feel that people could relate to.

Horror movie fans such as myself have been looking forward to this release since the release of the last Halloween movie. This version is from Blumhouse Productions, and they have been known to make some good horror movies such as “The Purge” and “Get Out.” So be sure to mark your calendars and grab your horror movie loving friends, and get on out to the theatres for what is sure to be a fantastic film!

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