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Students should give teachers grades

Donnetta Shanklin, Opinions Writer

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When going through college, one should be able to grade their professors just as harsh as they grade their students.

Obviously there’s teacher evaluations at the end of one’s course, but that’s not enough. Sometimes the evaluations can be beneficial, sometimes not so much. If a professor is tenured, then there’s really no point for the evaluation, because they will most likely be staying because they’re locked in. Obviously the teachers and professors have a higher education level than the students, but their career should be in jeopardy just as much as the students.

This type of tactic is not for someone who wants to get back at their professor who flunked them. This tactic should be used to fairly and accurately represent a professor’s curriculum. Obviously not everyone is going to like the professor, but if one has mutual respect, comes to class, does their work and still fails a class, then that might be the professors fault. Some students that get extra help from tutors and still managed to fail the class are the students I am addressing. The goal of the professor is to teach the student what they need to know to pass a test, homework and a final. After their final they are done with the class and they get credit for it. Once the student earns enough credits, they will graduate.

The goal of a student is to get through classes,establish a major and graduate. The professors who are not adequately providing information needed to pass a class, should receive a poor grade. This is very similar to teacher evaluations except they’re actually should be some consequences to the professors who receive a failing grade for teaching. I’m not saying that a professor should be fired, but they should be held accountable for their actions. These questions could be worded differently than a professor evaluation focusing on academics alone. This may help eliminate an opinion on the professor and get an accurate average of how the professor is doing. If the professor is not meeting a C minimum average, they should be put on some type of probation. If they continue to fall below the average, they should be put on an academic probation and if it continues to happen, they should be let go. If this was something that could be implemented into universities and colleges, this might encourage students to attend class more. If a student fails with this type of plan implemented into their studies, then at least the student knows that they earned their grade.

This would also make the student feel more credible, because they would notice that if they didn’t deserve a failing grade, that the professor would at least be held accountable for their curriculum.

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Students should give teachers grades