Should the second amendment be repealed?

Juan Casas, Courier Staff

When you hear and see people die from gun violence on the news it leaves behind an eerie feeling of anger and sadness. People die every day, that is what we always hear when another tragedy hits social media. So, the question arises if the Second Amendment should be repealed or restructured?

I believe it should not be repealed. It is difficult at times to take this stance and knowing that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, have died and many more seriously injured with guns and in gun related incidents in America.

Yet, I must. This is because I have a powerful belief in individual rights over the collective in this specific instance. It is my belief that humanity was born to be two things, free and independent. To have the right to bear and keep arms is also to have the right to freedom of expression and due process. We must remember that individual rights are not granted to us by government, so much as that they are granted to us by us, and the government only exists to uphold them. That is why we have the military, the police force and the courts. If we wish to coexist in a free society, we must be willing to defend that freedom.

The right to bear and keep arms is fundamental to maintain a society free and civilized, because it will deter any organization, or political entity from attempting to take advantage, or abuse of the system. When the people are armed, they are less likely to roll over for corrupt bureaucrats or politicians. Less corruptions means a better-run government and the overall success of the society will be greater. When politicians run amok, they siphon the tax revenue from hardworking men and women and that in turn results in poorer funded schools, unmaintained streets riddled with pot holes, cuts in welfare and rises of property taxes etc. The simple fact is that there will always be a bad guy.

A person who does not hesitate to get their hands dirty and turn to corruption to get their way.

We see it every day, in our neighborhood elementary and high schools, where a child who is ruthlessly bullied turns to violence and assaults their peers. We see it in the offices of corporations where an ex-employee was abruptly fired without compensation, which resulted in the loss of his home, and he now goes on a rampage and runs his minivan into his ex-workplace. We see it in the streets where kids hang out at midday instead of being in schools, because their classrooms are so underfunded they can’t afford a book for each student.

When I was a child my father told me that for a bad person to commits an act of evil a good person must allow them. That when a bad person does an act of something bad it is because a good person did not act. Now is the time to act, the time to bear and keep arms has arrived, for when the people go fourth and arm themselves, it is like an adrenaline shot for the economy. More guns bought means higher demand, and less supply this means more money in the pockets of employees who work at gun manufacturing facilities.

There is also the final obvious conclusion that is often forgotten and overlooked; just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you will misuse it.