Captain Marvel teaser released

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

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The extended teaser trailer for “Captain Marvel” was released a couple weeks ago.

The trailer opens up with her crash landing on a roof of a Blockbuster video store (meaning it will take place sometime in the 90s). It continues with a voice-over by Nick Furry talking about war. He describes her as a renegade soldier. We then see an older S.H.I.E.L.D emblem on a hat reinforcing that this film will not be taking place in modern times. We see some alien technology and get a preview of Captain Marvel’s powers. Then the point that this movie is from a different time period is driven home with the appearance of a younger Furry with hair and two eyes, and he is still played by Samuel L. “Mother Freaking” Jackson.

It appears that we are not going to get a typical origin story for “Captain Marvel”, but it will be told in flashbacks. We see her on her superhero team, this will most likely be shown as flashbacks, at least based on the evidence from a teaser trailer. We get quick flashes of Skrulls and Agent Coulson, who was a big part of phase one and continues to be in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” TV series. Finally, towards the end, we see more of her powers. Now, this is all the information we have based on the teaser trailer. Based on what has been shown, we will be seeing some of the Skrull-Kree War (which has been mentioned in a couple movies and TV shows). It also looks like they are teasing the Secret Invasion.

This is where it could make the MCU more confusing than it already is. Since this movie takes place in the 90s only the first Captain America film and the TV series “Agent Carter” won’t have any consequences. As for all the other films you have to think about Skrull’s influence. Skrulls are a race of aliens that can shapeshift into anyone and even use their powers (to an extent). The Secret Invasion arc pretty much showed that Skrulls were pretending to be different superheroes, the promotional tagline was “Who do you trust?” As far as Captain Marvel the character goes, her real name is Carol Danvers. She, based on the trailer, was a part of some military branch (probably Air Force), but she was also a part of the Skrull-Kree War.

Some people have criticized her, because she doesn’t smile a lot. If you come up with that just based off of the trailer, just remember she doesn’t know where she came from (she has memories that she doesn’t completely recognize), and she was in a war, a pretty nasty war based on what’s been told about her in the Marvel Universe stories.

I am really excited for this movie. Not only because of nostalgic 90’s references, but also because I have always been more drawn to strong female characters. If this film is successful we could definitely get the Black Widow movie that we want. I’m guessing a theatrical trailer will debut in either November or December. “Captain Marvel” is set to be released in March 2019.

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