Haunting of Hill House trailer released

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Netflix is infamous for its monthly releases and removals, but the month of October just got a lot more thrilling with this addition. Based on the Shirley Jackson novel, “The Haunting of Hill House” has already begun to capture the attention of many Netflix users. The newly released trailer has Netflix users across the nation talking and waiting in anticipation. The trailer depicts a mother putting her children to bed, to which one of the children asks, “what if I have a bad dream?” It follows with one of the children asking, “what if I dream…” from there, a long, detailed and sad story is then told by the children, ending in the death of one of the children. As the children tell this theoretical ‘dream’ they may have there are flashes between the children in bed, and of images depicting this story they are telling. The young girl then asks, “would you wake us up from a dream like that?” This question is followed by more image clips of the family who lives in Hell House, along with audio voices from two adults telling a bit about them. The focus then returns to the room where the mother is with her two children, “That really bad dream… of course I’d wake you,” the mother states.

This trailer is both eerie and engaging, it is evident that while this is a horror series there will be much more underlying plot and detail. “The Haunting of Hill House” is set to release on Oct. 12; despite being weeks away from being released this show is already catching attention on social media. With over 6.1 thousand shares on Facebook, it is evident that this series is already a fan favorite. Rotten Tomatoes has already given “The Haunting of Hill House” a 100 percent rating. As critic Sadie Gennis says, “It’s as though Flanagan has taken Jackson’s original work, shattered it and then rearranged the pieces to create a completely original, but equally brilliant tale.” It’s no wonder everyone is anticipating this new series, and it’s just in time for Halloween.