Kick-off spooky movie season right

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

From snap-chat filters, to pumpkin spice everything, fall is finally upon us! Tis’ the season to carve pumpkins, play in giant leave piles and watch movies.

Speaking of movies, here are three Halloween-favorites that you need to watch this spooky season.

To start us off is a family-favorite from 1966, “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” This movie, while not scary by any means, is a classic movie to watch this time of year. Many remember watching it in school or with their families in the days leading up to Halloween. This movie focuses on Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts, who plan to go Trick or Treating and then to Violet’s Halloween party. Though, one Peanut is missing, Linus, who is awaiting the Great Pumpkin, which is a grand pumpkin believed to fly around on Halloween and brings gifts to children around the world. What will occur on this magical night? Will the Great Pumpkin return?

“Hocus Pocus,” is high on the priority list because of its popularity, though if you want something that will rattle you to the core this probably isn’t it. Another family favorite, by Walt Disney Pictures, “Hocus Pocus” came out in 1993 but still captures the hearts (and TV screens) of many. “Hocus Pocus” tells the story of Max & Dani Dennison, who have recently moved to Salem, Mass. There are many superstitious stories surrounding the Sanderson House. The legends surrounding the house are about three sisters, who were believed by the town to be witches while they were alive and continue to live on in the stories told about them. After trick-or-treating and a turn of events, Max, Dani and Max’s new friend Allison, arrive at the Old Sanderson House. From there, the adventure unfolds.

The final movie on the list is “Halloween,” an all-time favorite from 1978. A classic in the hearts of horror fans everywhere. This movie is about the notorious Michael Myers, who seems to be indestructible. Fifteen years after being institutionalized for murdering his sister, Myers escapes two days before Halloween. From there, Myers heads to his hometown of Haddonfield, Ill. When Halloween night falls, Myers’ murderous rampage begins. After the first Halloween, there are currently eight films following; and a new one to be released on Oct. 19, 2018.

From rated G family-favorites to rated R horror films, these Halloween films will keep you entertained and on-edge all season long!