Fans eagerly await IT sequel

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Mind tricks and a horrifying clown targeting children, what could be worse? The sequel, of course.

In 2017 the remake of the iconic “IT” by Stephen King was released in theaters. “IT,” originally filmed in 1990, became reconstructed in this 2017 adaptation. The adaptation caught a lot of criticism, which is expected when a beloved movie undergoes a reboot. Though, there was also a great deal of praise surrounding this film, receiving a rating of 85 percent from the well-known movie critic site, Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes gave the original version a whopping 57 percent rating. So many could say the remake was quite the improvement for viewers and critics alike.

A large portion of the original 1990 film neglected to exist in its remake. This being the entire section where the “Loser Squad” comes back 27 years later. It was revealed that “IT: Chapter 2” would be released in September of 2019. This film is anticipated to focus on the section of the original “IT” that was left out in the remake.

“IT” fans from across the globe have continued to wait for “IT: Chapter 2,” and have been playing close attention to find hints as to what may be set to happen in this sequel. “IT: Chapter 2” has been on site in Canada, and fans have had their eyes out on the lookout. A photo has been released of Pennywise talking to adult Richie, before Richie runs away in terror. Pennywise has always enjoyed these kinds of interactions with Richie, as seen in the previous “IT,” where Richie is lured into a room full of clown dolls and then harassed by Pennywise himself. This being noted, it is of no surprise to fans that Pennywise would continue this relationship with Richie.

Additionally, recently released photos of Pennywise with Bill have also been leaked to the public. Obviously, this isn’t much of a surprise as Bill and Pennywise are meant to interact at some point, since Pennywise did kill Bill’s younger brother some 27 years ago.

It is needless to say that all horror fans, Stephen King fans, and Clown-Lovers alike are both anticipating and dreading the release of “IT: Chapter 2.”