Not enough movie options on Netflix

Allison Young , Opinions Editor

Do you feel like you are watching the same things on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu? I know there are new movies and TV shows that come out every month on all of these streaming resources, but none of them are things that I seem to be interested in. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Every month, Netflix releases new movies and TV shows, but they also take away several things, too. As a person who watches a whole lot of television, I’m just so bored with all of the choices that I am given lately. I’m not one to want to watch movies I enjoy over and over again; therefore, I am starting to run low on options. Even though I have Hulu and Prime, I still find several similar movies on each source. Prime does offer students discounts on a membership which is decently priced, and would allow so many more options for avid movie watchers. Luckily, with my Mediacom subsription, I am allowed to watch movies on HBO GO and Showtime Anytime which open up several more movie options.

The other sources actally put new movies on very frequently and they also come out with fairly new movies as well. The newest movie I have seen out recently is “The Greatest Showman.” If you are familiar with the movie title, you know that it came out earlier this year. I am very lucky to have access to so many different streaming sources, but if you do not have very many, you should look and see if your TV provider will allow you to use other sources.

I own an Apple TV, which means that I have the ability to download several different apps onto the television. They have different channels such as ABC, Lifetime, NBC and several others. This is so convienient because I can watch shows that I have missed even if I do not have a subscription with the provider. This also opens up so many different options when it comes to watching different things.

As college students, I know that we may not all have a ton of time to watch movies or TV shows, but it is nice to have a break every once in a while. And when I do have a break, I like to have options on what I can watch. Being stuck with the same things is no fun, and I like to switch it up depending on my mood. Thanks to all the technology there is today, it is not very hard to have access to things, its just about experimenting and seeing which resources offer what you are looking for!

Some may disagree with me when I say that there are not many options out there, and I can understand where that may come from. But I am just looking for more things that I am interested in such as scary movies.

Maybe as a viewer I should just be more open to other things, but I cannot help it that I am picky.