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Florence frustrates furry friends

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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Hurricanes are a big issue for the coastal areas in the United States and other regions. Right now, the hurricane Florence is affecting the eastern and southern coasts of the U.S.

I have seen many articles, stories and pictures of people evacuating and leaving their animals and pets behind. While in some cases it may be close to impossible to take animals with you, most of the time, people can take their pets with them in the cars they choose to evacuate in.

It breaks my heart to see pictures of animals trapped in floods just because their family left them behind. I think there needs to be teams of people to stay behind after everyone evacuates to release animals from homes/cages they may be trapped in. For example, I saw a video of two men going to someone’s house to release six dogs from an outdoor kennel that was quickly filling with water. This kind of work can be difficult and possibly deadly, but I honestly think it needs to be done. There are also people who choose not to evacuate; these are the people who could volunteer to rescue trapped animals in floods.

I think if people with big trailers could donate them to people affected during the hurricane season, then they may be able to save more animals from death. Also, if people have animals they cannot take with them, they should ask around to see if anyone else can rather than just leaving their pets to die. There are even animal shelters who cannot take every animal with them to evacuate. In some cases, animal shelters will euthanize animals before an expected disaster like this. The families who prepare for the hurricanes and practice evacuation routines need to include their pets in their plans. This can help ensure the safety of animals instead of leaving them to die.

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Florence frustrates furry friends