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No more early class!

Karolina Orszulak, Courier Staff

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One thing that I cannot get to stick with me throughout my life is becoming a morning person.

Waking up super early did not seem like too hard of a task, because I knew that work would fly by and I would be getting paid for being awake, but waking up for my 8 a.m classes may be the hardest thing I have done during my college career. Coming into college the only advice people gave me was “do not take an 8 a.m class unless you want to regret it” but of course, my major class was only offered at that time. Now that we’re a month into school, I have attended my 8 a.m. every day and all I can think about is how early morning classes should be banned.

You may be thinking that I only want early morning classes to be banned because I’m not a morning person, and I cannot wake up for the life of me, but actually there are so many more reasons why I believe early morning classes should be banned from universities.

Scientifically speaking, I’m not the only one tired early in the morning during class but so is our brain. Neuroscientist say that we are not fully awake and engaged until about 9 or 10 a.m. What this necessarily means is that as students, we are not completely ready or capable of learning and obtaining information until later in the morning. Through research, students tend to remember more and do better in classes that are later in the day, since they are more alert and awake in those classes. Banning early morning classes will help improve students grades and not ust overall moods.

Not only will banning early morning classes help students improve their grades and help them retain information better as they take classes later in the day, but it will also help students catch up on sleep. As a college student I can confess that I have pulled many all- nighters, drank way too much coffee and contemplated skipping my classes, all because of my classes being so early.

Being a college student means you are constantly overwhelmed with tests, projects, homework and even extracurricular activities, leaving you with how much time to sleep? Personally I have pulled all-nighters and then contemplated on not attending my early morning class just to get those few hours of sleep as we all know how much of a difference that makes. But I knew that if I were to not attend class I would get points deducted for not showing up. Although I showed up, I still was not alert and able to learn in that class because my focus was on going home and sleeping.

If early morning classes were to be banned, this would help college students tremendously, as we would receive those few extra hours of sleep that would later help us stay alert and ready to learn in our classes later in the day.

Not only would banning early morning classes help college students catch up on sleep, but it would also help students perform better in the classroom, as they would stay awake and alerted as well as ready to obtain information.

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No more early class!