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Students prepare for Supply Chain Management Day

Students, faculty and staff prepare for Supply Chain Management Day, an event out on to host over 30 companies to held students get familiarized with industry partners and land potential internships or jobs.


Students, faculty and staff prepare for Supply Chain Management Day, an event out on to host over 30 companies to held students get familiarized with industry partners and land potential internships or jobs.

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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The Supply Chain Management program presents Supply Chain Management Day (SCM Day). The SCM Day will be held Tuesday in the University Union. This event is put on for students to help develop networking skills and give them the opportunity to possibly be recruited by one of Western Illinois University’s industry partners.

Western’s Supply Chain Management hosts the event prior to the time where most companies hire on people, giving students the chance to land an internship or possible employment for the upcoming spring or summer.

Junior Supply Chain management major Derek Lahey highly recommends attending the event even though it may seem a little intimidating at first.

“Supply Chain Management Day is a little more than just another career fair for those studying supply chain,” Lahey said. “The event brings in a lot of guest speakers through out the field and it brings back a lot of alumni who’ve graduated through Business SCM to come back and recruit. It’s also a really big day because all SCM majors are required to have had an internship upon graduation so this is the main day for people to go out, talk to companies and network to secure and establish that internship.”

The day is open to everyone from freshman to graduate students.

Students of all majors and academic programs are encouraged to attend the event, as well as members of the Leatherneck family and of the Macomb community. Although some people might think that the timing for them to attend may be too soon or too late, junior Supply Chain management major Shelby Mech explains that any time is the right time.

“It’s important that everyone within the supply chain management major knows, and really anybody in business knows that they should come out to SCM Day because it’s not just about offering internships,” Mech said. “It’s really about them teaching you about their companies, networking and talking with people and getting to know them. That way when you are in the market for an internship or job, they’re going to remember you and you can start to build that relationship from the beginning.”

Mech also explains that students should make the trip out because their isn’t going to be another time during the school year where this many companies will be in one place looking for students who are capable and wanting the experience. Lahey also goes on to explain that there is a reality of landing an internship during this event.

“Last year when I went around, I talked to several companies, got a couple interviews for the next day and one of those happened to be with Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) which offered me an internship in supply chain management,” Lahey said. “I was a rail logistics intern over the summer in Decatur, IL, and I was able to have this opportunity through SCM Day.”

One thing that both Lahey and Mech wanted everyone to know is that it isn’t too late to register for the event. Students can show up the day of and attend the career fair. However, registering sooner than later is highly encouraged.

“If you wait to register the day of the event, you’re going to get a little name tag that isn’t going to look as professional or nice so definitely get registered now, but they won’t turn anyone away from the event day of,” Mech said. “However, students just need to know they should be dressed in professional dress. They should wear something similar to what they would if they were to walk into an interview.”

When asked what students should know about SCM Day, both responded that they should know that Professor Barton Jennings and Assistant Professor Honey Zimmerman have worked extremely hard putting together the event.

“They’re out best advocate, without those two students wouldn’t really be anything,” Lahey said. “The amount of help and support they show us as students is incredible.”

“They care and they care about the program more than anything,” Mech said. “All the want for their students is to succeed, they want their students to go far, they want all of their students succeed in this major and that’s probably what helps students the most.”

Jennings and Zimmerman have worked to put this on and have worked closely with 30 plus companies to bring them to campus to help recruit.

Another unique aspect to this event compared to others is the fact that they hold an advisory board meeting between SCM faculty and industry partners twice a year to create an academic plan targeted towards what the companies are looking for in their applicants and interns. They go over course content, program needs, discuss changes in the industry and work to make sure the curriculum stays relevant to the industry’s needs.

Dot Foods and Western’s Supply Chain Management program sponsor supply Chain Management Day. For more information regarding itinerary or a list of companies that will be pre-.

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Students prepare for Supply Chain Management Day