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Social media ruins relationships

Destiny Kerr, Courier Staff

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Has society ruined our relationships? This generation has shifted the way that we expect, allow, and settle for with our significant others. Everything nowadays is all about social media and doing things for attention rather than for enjoyment.

More importantly, I’m ashamed of the women who deminish their self-worth in order to please a man rather than setting standards to be valued as woman.

Now, we’ve all heard the saying “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” but us women act as if every man we get is the only man we’ll ever get. There’s been too many times where I have seen girls screaming, swearing and pulling each other’s hair out over one boy who’s really playing the both of them. As women, it’s already in our nature to submit to a man. Whether it’s intentional or not, many women feel a sense of security in a man’s presence. But all men are not worthy of our subservience. I believe that women in this generation should be reminded of how valuable they really are. Too often do we base our self worth on the attention we receive from men..If he doesn’t realize your value, leave him, or if he feels like he has to mess around with other women because you’re just simply “not enough” for him, then leave him.

The sad part is that we take our anger out on each other. We fight with one another as if the “other woman” is the enemy. There’s so much hatred within the female community, and there doesn’t have to be. We can’t expect men to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves and each other. Instead of fighting and calling each other names, we should start making it habitual to uplift one another. Compliment each other, lend a helping hand. As women, we fight amongst each other too much. It affects our self esteem in the long run when women are constantly in defense around other women. I challenge anyone who’s reading this article that identifies as female to compliment at least one other girl today. Even if you don’t know them. The little things make a big difference; we must make peace with one another.

Social media is one of the main causes of failed relationships within our generation. We try to base our happiness on competition rather than quality. I see a lot of content on Facebook and Twitter that defines a “real woman” as one who will do anything for her significant other, even if he doesn’t do the same in return. If another woman comes along, we feel as if we have to fight her off in order to prove our loyalty. Isn’t that backwards? Hell, a lot of girls are even okay with being the “side chick.” So they settle for a man who is already involved with another woman, but basically they are available whenever he needs sexual satisfaction.

Women in this day and age need a reminder of how beautiful they are so that they don’t feel like they have to settle for less. What a woman allows reflects upon how she perceives herself. I will do my part today by letting all woman know; you are beautiful and you are more than enough. Never let a man determine your self worth, and be happy with yourself before going out of your way to make others happy.

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Social media ruins relationships