SGA discusses Western’s future plans

Marc Ramirez, News editor


Wednesday’s Student Government Association meeting began with guest speaker, Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas. Thomas began the presentation by handing out what would be the Presidential Initiatives for Western Illinois University. Outlined within the plan was the university’s vision and what steps must be taken to ensure that the university stays on the track of success.

Strategic planning and initiatives, academic programs, enrollment management, budget, alumni relations and development, facilities and technology, governmental relations, campus collaboration, professional development and committees were all areas of focus and improvement outlined in Thomas’ Presidential Initiatives for Western.

By making change, Thomas hopes to turn the institution in a new direction by doing small things such as looking into applications for admission more thoroughly; we can recruit students who want to pursue higher education in a more

effective manner.

“This year’s freshman class brings in one of the higher ACT and grade point average because of the changes we’ve made when it comes to recruiting students to the university,” Thomas said.

Thomas highly encourages any students who have questions or concerns to reach out to him. Students can get in contact with him via email at, or by scheduling an appointment within the Office of the President.

Moving on to the next point in the meeting, SGA President Grant Reed advocated for all senators in the room to reach out to their constituents and inform them on the $400 SGA scholarship awarded to two students each semester who are deserving, involved and academically gifted. Requirements can be found on Purple Post under the Student Government Association page. SGA also offers a Student of the Month award.

“This is an initiative that we began last year, it’s a smaller monetary award, certificate and photo that we give to one student every month who is doing an exceptional job, making a positive contribution to our campus community,” Reed said. “ It’s a great way to provide recognition for all the hard work that our students do here at Western along with a feature in the SGA Newsletter.”

Aside from announcements, Reed authored a SGA Presidential Bill of Appointment 2018-2019.004 to appoint transfer student Michael Harmon as the new Director of Finance. As finance major with previous background in being a founding partner and manager a non-profit organization, Reed thought that Harmon would be a qualified candidate for the position.

SGA Bill of Appointment 2018-2019.001 was also passed by the Senate to appoint Hayden Goleman as a student representative to the Lincoln Laureate Selection Committee.

“The Lincoln Laureate is a state-wide award that is given each year, our university gets to submit one nominee each year on behalf of the school,” Reed said. “Hayden has expressed his interest to serving on this committee and has the time and availability to do so, and has been very involved in several leadership positions.”

With no discussion on the motion and no objection for appointment, Goleman was approved by the SGA to become the student representative to the Lincoln Laureate Selection Committee.

Last on the agenda was to nominate a Speaker Pro Tempore in the case of an absence of the Speaker of the Senate. Senator at Large Derek Lahey nominated College of Business and Technology Senator Joe Reinert. Reinert was the 2017-2018 recipient of the W. Garry Johnson Award for Excellence in Student Governance.