Cyberpunk: Gameplay Revealed

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay has been revealed with a 48-minute walkthrough video on YouTube. The game looks really cool, to be honest. Here’s a recap. The beginning scene showed a mission in which you had to go into a hideout, where people were being harvested for their Cybernetic implants. During the first mission, the player took an inhaler drug that slowed down time while in a shootout. This is a new gameplay mechanic. When the player found the mission objective, she pulled a wire out of her wrist and interlinked it with an unconscious person’s brain. This unconscious person had been lying in a tub with a strange liquid in in, that kept her unconscious while the harvesters harvested her Cybernetic implants.

The next scene in the gameplay reveal showcased more of the dynamic world of Night City, the city where the game takes place. You wake up in the morning, get a video call from a friend, and then you equip your guns and jacket and head out the door. Your apartment is located in a massive mega-structure apartment complex, a lot like the structures in Mega City One in the 2012 movie “Dredd.” You accept a mission from a fixer, which is a person in the city that likes to get things done and right wrongs. He gives you a memory card that you put inside a memory card slot on your head, which takes over your vision and debriefs you about your mission. Throughout the game you can find these flash drive things that you can insert into a port embedded in your skull. Some of them are videos, and some of them are digital drugs that interface with your brain. This is a neat sci-fi concept and could have been inspired by “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, a science fiction book that featured a digital drug in an online virtual reality world.

The ripper-doc is whom you visit next. This is a special cybernetic doctor that gives you upgrades to your Cybernetic implants and enhancements. These upgrades can be purchased throughout the game and can improve or aid gameplay. The upgrades the player receives in the video include the power to use your own eyes as an optical zoom lens, as well as a heads-up-display within your field of vision that brings up info and bios about people you spot while walking around. This little pop-up appears over someone’s head when you mouse over them, and also tells you their threat level.

The next scene shows off the driving mechanics. You can freely explore Night City in all kinds of vehicles, including bikes. In Cyberpunk 2077 there is a kind of gun that shoots bullets that follow their targets in midair, like homing missiles. The crosshair of the gun is a wide rectangle in the center of the screen, and if you shoot any target within it, the bullets guide themselves towards the target. This is useful if you want to shoot around corners and hit something or someone that isn’t directly in front of you. Your story is dynamic and everything you do in the game in every situation “ripples through” the story, as the narrator in the trailer says. This game is currently in development.

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