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Attendance policy is useless

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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Why is attendance factored into the grading system if I’m paying for my education is the question I’m sure many of us ask ourselves.

This isn’t high school anymore where my schooling was payed for by the public school districts.

As college students, many of us solely rely on loans to register semester after semester for our classes. So, yes, it is my money that will go toward paying off those loans after I graduate college. Therefore, if I choose not to attend class regardless of the circumstances then I should be given that privilege, because I’m the one paying for my education. No, my intentions are not to waste my money by staying at home binge watching my favorite television shows. However, the decision to not attend class should not by any means affect my grade, because it can be due to many reasons.

Sickness could happen at any time whether it could be mentally, emotionally or physically. Not everyone prefers the emergency room for cases of the flu or colds.

However, staying home and using home remedies to cure our illnesses does not provide documentation, so an unexcused absence is the result. Not only are we students, but we are also adults, who may just need to take a personal day to recollect ourselves before we do end up sick from lack of rest, or stress overload. There have been students in past courses that I have taken where I only remember seeing them during exam days. Yet, I would later discover that some of them were honor students who used lecture notes online, kept in touch with their professors and received help from other classmates to prepare them for exams and assignments. Some of the classes we take should be online courses in my opinion, considering that certain courses are to solely inform us on information, statistics and facts, rather than a conversational style lecture.

I have a short attention span to the extent that I could be looking and listening to my professor and not hear a single word that was said. Most college students aren’t meant to sit for extended periods of time being lectured at without having the urge to get up and walk out of class, even if it is considered the norm.

There are many college students who only attend class for attendance points considering that they play such a significant factor on our grades. I fail to understand the concept of grading upon attendance if it’s my education that is being affected. When I came to college I was told that attendance matters most when it comes down to our final grades because they can determine an entire letter grade.

Attendance is important enough to determine my grades, yet the quality of my work barely gets noticed. Attendance and participation are two completely different concepts, yet they are in the same category for grading. If this is the case professors should have to provide us with some form of documentation for not attending a class in which they agreed to teach. The reason being is because life happens, and sometimes the only solution may be the one that is convenient at the time.

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Attendance policy is useless