Study Abroad fair takes place behind Stipes

Marc Ramirez, News editor

Wednesday, behind Stipes Hall, the Study Abroad and Outreach staff will be giving students information and reasons to look into their options of studying elsewhere. Returning students will also be at the event to share their experiences and speak with prospective students considering traveling abroad.

At Western Illinois University students have the opportunity to study in over 60 countries, regardless of what their major or minor may be. Whether one wishes to study economics in Peru or business in Ecuador there are countless amounts of options. Students also have the option to study as little as a week abroad or they can decide to stay an entire semester.

Many students are hesitant about taking classes overseas due to financial constraint. However, program prices are comparable to those of Western Illinois University. Also if students qualify, there are more than 30 scholarships and opportunities provided to students through the Study Abroad and Outreach department. Financial aid is also available for eligible students, in most cases; financial aid awarded to you by Western can be applied to study elsewhere.

Many students also overlook the thought of completing an internship in another country. There are opportunities for students to gain experience by doing an internship in Ecuador or Puerto Rico. Exploring another country while gaining experience and building your resume seems ideal for most people; they often just don’t consider it. In order to study abroad there are a few prerequisites, undergraduate students must have completed at least 12 semester hours, have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.5, be in good judicial and academic standing with the university and be free of all financial and administrative encumbrances.

For more information on studying abroad be sure to attend the Study Abroad Fair and pick up cotton candy and free snow cones along the way