Short hours for large stomachs

Kalen Stanford, Courier Staff

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Have you ever returned from class and realized you haven’t eaten all day? I have, and usually when I make this realization the dining halls are closed. While I very much appreciate the fact that we have dining halls all over campus, I just wish they were open more often.

The problem is some people don’t make time in their class schedules for lunch right at noon. If you’re anything like me, you have class until two and then when you get out, you’re starving. I think if the dining halls are closed, the convenient stores should be open. For example, once the dining hall is closed at 1:30 p.m. for lunch the convenient store should be open until 5 p.m. when dinnertime begins in the dining hall. The benefit of this would be students could get their food whenever they need it, instead of having to spend money off-campus or just wait until dinner. Another benefit would be more students could have on-campus jobs. If the people that already work in the dining halls and C-stores cannot work the hours between breakfast, lunch and dinner, then I am sure there are students who could take those spots.

Another issue I have with the dining halls is they close at 8 p.m., at this time the C-stores open and all is well. The problem with this is when I am up until midnight doing homework and I feel hungry and do not have any food in my dorm room, I have to order food from off-campus. I also believe the convenient stores should be open until at least midnight, once again causing there to be more jobs on campus. Another benefit of having the C-store open that late is it would most likely get more business late at night. Whether there are students staying up working on schoolwork or maybe they just got back from their friends’ party, students need to have options for food late at night.

While there are many dining options on the WIU campus, a lot of times students will not leave the dorm they live in for food. I am one of those people, whether it’s laziness, lack of comfort in other dining halls or whatever the case may be, I just do not leave my dorm for food. While this may just be me, I think it would be nice to have just a few more options at dinnertime in Thompson Hall.

During the week the main serving area switches out Monday through Friday with things like wings, noodles and tacos. This is nice because it isn’t the same thing every day, but it would also be nice for them to be able to space out how often they have wings, noodles, etc. I think the dining hall could have many more options if students came forward and told someone what they’d really like for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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