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We need to stay together

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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Although being a part of a big institution can seem too widespread to come together as one and support one another, it’s important that we do in hopes of staying together.

I’ve always said that college was like a big high school. The cliques, organizations and preferred association is what makes the comparison possible. In high school, student’s majority of the time had a group of friends that they would sit next to in the cafeteria during their lunch period, or the students who conversed after every class period. Similar, in college, there are the groups of friends who prefer to sit next to their same group of friends in the union, or those who talk only when they have class together every other day. My point is that we are separated by what’s comfortable to us, and although there is nothing wrong with that it’s what divides us as a community.

Support requires assistance, care and cooperation. When everyone is secluded to his or her individual groups and clubs, there is no room for us all to come together and connect. There are so many events and activities that don’t get the participation that they deserve because we seem to be comfortable with what we already know. I understand the concept of, “If it’s not broken then don’t fix it.” However, we don’t even recognize nor acknowledge the fact that we are broken not only as a school but as a community. We don’t all support each other as we should, and we surely don’t look like we care to, honestly. Yes, we are a fairly large campus, but that doesn’t dismiss the need for change as well as a need to come together as a whole.

Having been a student here at Western Illinois University for almost four years, I can attest to the separation among us. During my freshman year, there could be five different events all going on at the same time around campus, and they would all get the same positive student reception. Part of the reason could be that as a campus we have lost our whit and enthusiasm. Also, part of the reason could be the students’ lack of not wanting to promote a change out of fear of nothing staying the same. Whatever the case may be there is a need to rearrange some things.

I want us to just take the time to look around at what it is that I am talking about. It is okay to not want to socialize outside of those we have grown close to, but there also nothing wrong with supporting others for the mere fact of merging together as a community. In this little town of Macomb, we are honestly all that we have until we graduate. It’s time to show each other the support and sincerity that we all deserve. It’s not about who or what’s more popular than the rest, but about the need for a social and environmental change.

It’s time for us to regroup as a unit and come together for the greater good and needed change in our community.

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We need to stay together