City Council discuss liquor license and EPA concern

Steven Barnum, Assistant News Editor

The Macomb City Council has agreed to approve an engineering agreement for a new CO2 system at the town’s water treatment plant.

Discussed in-depth during last week’s meeting, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a violation notice to the city of Macomb due to high levels of pH and chlorine within the town’s water. Scott Coker, Public Works Director, spoke about installing a new and more efficient system in order to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Given that the council already planned on installing a new system at a later period of time, this appeared to be an easy decision. Moved by Alderman Tim Koch and seconded by Alderman-at-Large Dennis Moon, the motion will now be adopted. Macomb has until the fall of 2019 to complete construction on the new system, which will also save on costs.

El Jarochito, a Mexican restaurant located on Lafayette Street in downtown Macomb, has been waiting on approval for a liquor license.

A public hearing for the liquor license was held on Monday, Aug. 20, and the second reading for the approval took place during last night’s meeting. The request is for a Class R plus SS liquor license, which allows restaurants to sell liquor both throughout the week and on Sundays.

The town notified all property owners within 250 feet of the restaurant’s location and zero concerns were raised. The local police also completed a background check on the primary owner of the restaurant, which City Attorney Kristen Petrie says shouldn’t be a problem. “There has been nothing that has been found that should be an issue for the liquor license,” Petrie said.

The motion was moved and seconded, but the council didn’t stray too far away from the topic.

They also adopted an ordinance that will amend Macomb’s Municipal Code and create a Class M Micro/Craft Brewery License, a Class MB Micro/Craft Brewery Foodservice License, and a Supplementary Class OW Onsite Wine Consumption License.

Aside from liquor licenses, Macomb is looking to amend a division in Chapter 17 of the Municipal Code titled “Signs”. The proposal was unplanned, but will likely be adopted due to a recent Supreme Court decision that differs from Macomb’s current law. “We are trying to become compliant with what is now the law,” Mayor Mike Inman said.

Allowing a Community Development Block Grant to continue water main improvements was also on the agenda. According to Scott Coker, the work involves the northwest quadrant of Macomb and should be completed next summer.

After the meeting, Alderman-at-Large Dennis Moon encouraged the public to attend the CUPP (Community University Partnership Program) Block Party, scheduled to take place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the lawn of Sherman Hall on Wednesday, Sep. 5. The event is open to all members of the public and will offer food, games and free giveaways