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Student Government Association brings in the new academic year

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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The 50th legislative session of the Western Illinois University Student Government Association started back up Tuesday evening. The general assembly began the meeting with two guest speakers, Pedro Bidegaray, Director of Study Abroad and Outreach and Marco Narvaez, McGraw-Hill Student Ambassador.

The three-year director came to discuss the success of the program. He opened the floor to the general assembly to discuss areas of improvement and concerns for the program. Many people recognized that the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach were successful in areas like social media where they actively pushed information to encourage students to consider studying abroad. However, it was brought up by Amber Shupe, newly elected Director of Outreach, that the department should work towards bringing information to students, rather than have them visit the office or website to get details about the program. Bidegaray unveiled that only about 150 students travel abroad when thousands of students on this campus are able to do so.

Narvaez was next to discuss McGraw-Hill as an ambassador. Narvaez mentioned inclusive access through the provider, a concept of bundling of class materials to better help the student navigate through material. He also mentioned that financial aid would immediately be disbursed to paying for the classes, meaning no access codes and instant access.

“These tools will help you and is data driven,” Narvaez said. “If you put in the effort, these tools will help you. It molds itself to your learning speeds and learning curves.”

Following the guest speakers was roll call where each senator in the room gave a brief explanation of themselves along with the constituents they serve. The purpose of this was to create an environment where everyone can know one another outside of the seat they hold within the Senate.

“I feel that us getting to know each other a little more one on one will also help us become more effective as a team,” Steele said following his introduction.

During officer reports Madison Lynn; vice president brought forth a new initiative to Western called the Superhero Blue Light Fun Run/Walk. The purpose of the event is to not only bring awareness to the several safety blue lights located all across campus, but to sexual assault and domestic violence as well.

“This year the SGA will be holding an event that’s new to us,” Lynn said. “It’s a costume charity run across all the blue lights on campus. All proceeds will be donated to the WIRC.”

Lynn continued by explaining that the event would be a FYE event meaning it would be free to all first year students as long as they register within their UNIV 100 class. If not a first year student, the cost of the event will be $25; similar to most other 5K runs on campus.

“It’s a great way for us to do some philanthropic work and stay involved with the Macomb community.” Lynn said.

In addition to the big news brought forth by Lynn, the Senate voted in favor of Presidential Bill of Appointment 2018-2019.001, Presidential Bill of Appointment 2018-2019.002 and Presidential Bill of Appointment 2018-2019.003 appointing Kelly Rodgers Attorney General, Amber Shupe Director of Outreach and Colton Markey Director of Academic Affairs for the remainder of the academic year. Senate also approved Presidential Bills of Reauthorization for Elizabeth Swan to serve on the Committee of Admissions, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS), Justin Brown to serve on CAGAS, Tucker Bland on the Council of Student Activity Funds (CFAS) and Rome Hamm to CSAF as well.

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Student Government Association brings in the new academic year