Who should lead the free world?

Juan Casas, Courier Staff

Since the inauguration of the new president, the United States has all but abandoned its unofficial position as the leader of the free world.

The United States international foreign policy of being the world’s police force has come to an end. Some might share glee at this while others horror, whether this is aligned with your political views or not is irrelevant to the overall fallout from this change in international policy. Where once the world looked up to the United States as a child looks up to their parent for guidance, now the world finds a closed door.

To understand how the United States became the leader of the free world, we must look at history. It was the end of WWII and all Europe laid in ruin. The United States was the only surviving military and economic super power remaining. The Soviet Union, the second largest military and economy was devastated by the war on her eastern front, Japan had been all but wiped out by the United States, China was still trying to find itself after its brutal Japanese occupation, France was rearing from its German occupation, Britain was recovering from the air raids that left a great part of it in distraught. No other country in the known world was up for the challenge of putting everything back together, of guiding the planet from the depths of war and destruction to hope and prosperity. So, from the ashes of war rose a new leader, the United States of America became the bearer of the world because she had too.

As the world looked on in horror as the calamity of war hung over her shoulder like a dark cloud, the idea of the U.S. just moving in and taking the broken world under its rule was expected. Yet, it did not happen. Instead of totalitarian rule, the United States of America concentrated on rebuilding the fallen governments and promoted not only democracy but also prosperity. Billions of American dollars went into the reconstruction of Europe. That is why the entire world looked up to the United States; this is one of the countless reasons why the United States is such a great country, because we as a people do not look the other way when tyranny rises or when war erupts between our allies. We do not avoid trouble, when it comes knocking we do not run or hide we take a stand and face down all evil. We as a country know our moral responsibility is to take care of the rest of the world. We Americans are not followers; we are not sheep who fear the wolf, we are leaders. We are the shepherds and the rest of the world is our herd and we have and must continue to protect them from the wolves of the world. We do this because we know that we are the defenders of liberty, prosperity and peace.

Some would argue that it is not our responsibility to police the world; I would argue that if it were not us then who? And if not now then when? If it is true, what antagonists of this opinion say, that the cause of civil and financial woes of our great country is because of our constant overseeing of international relations, then I would remind those with that contrary opinion; of the history. Since the middle of the 20th century the United States has been the leader of the free world and we grew rich and powerful because of it. We as a country have amassed wealth and power to rival any other society in human history, for even the Roman Empire shrinks in comparison.

All of Europe is our ally, all Latin America wishes to be like the United States. Those who would dare call themselves our rivals do so in the shadows, and turn to cybernetic stratagem to attack us, because they know how powerful we are, and they could never hope to match us in traditional warfare. So, the question must arise? Why do we now hide? When the world is on the brink of tearing itself apart, the United States of America that has for decades been the glue, is now the chopping block.

Protectionism is cowardice and may we as people come together in solidarity to proclaim that only the United States of America can lead the world, that only democracy can save humanity.