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Multicultural Center hosted Open House

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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Tuesday served as a kick off to Western Illinois University’s Multicultural Center’s Welcome Back open house. The MCC wanted to make it well known to all students that resources are available within the building right off of Murray St.

Many students, especially freshman and transfers, don’t always understand the significance and importance of having this center on campus. The building houses three centers, the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, Casa Latina Cultural Center and Women’s Center.

Aside from being the first building on campus to be built under green standards, including its grass roof, the venter is in a central point on campus providing the opportunity for students to grow their goals in educational, social and cultural programs.

Each organization within the center stressed the importance of students knowing that they do not need to identify with any specific center to be apart or participate in each program that’s offered.

“The Multicultural Center is also used as a safe space,” President of the African Student Association Ramat Dada said. “We like to spread our culture on campus and within the Macomb community.”

The MCC also serves as a space and resource for students.

The center has things like a multipurpose room, library and resource room, computer lab and each center has a lounge to relax in.

Jumique Philips, Vice President of the Black Students Association, goes on to explain that each center in the MCC hosts events on campus that each and every student should try to get out too.

“We just really hope to have more students come out because the center isn’t utilized to its full potential,” Philips said. “It’s a great quiet spot to do homework and study without people coming in to bother you.”

Each center also throws events to bring awareness to the culture and show students background on each organization. The Women’s Center hosts’ events like the Vagina Monologues and an event called Take Back the Night. The Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center puts on events like the Taste of Africa and the Black Students Summit. The Casa Latina Cultural center puts on events such as Define American and Dia de los Muertos.

The purpose of each event is to spread awareness and support for each of your peers and the community surrounding us here in Macomb.

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Multicultural Center hosted Open House