Trump needs to cooperate with press

Mark Tolliver, Opinions Editor

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The press has a very vital and important role in our democracy and the press must play a crucial role in order for a democracy to grow and be healthy.

The press makes the citizens of the democracy aware of the social, emotional, financial, and political activities going on in the nation. Due to the media revealing loopholes and discrepancies in the government at large; it causes the government to be more honest and accountable. Due to the expansion of technology, we have full access to information within seconds. I believe that the press is currently doing a good job in fulfilling their duties even though journalists may be criticized.

A journalist’s job is to gather information, organize it and report it whether they agree or not, whether they believe it’s true or not because that is their job that they signed up for. Journalists are indeed doing their job and keeping in contact with citizens even when they are looked at as the bad guys. I think it is indeed highly important for the press and the president to have a mutually respectful relationship because the press is the pipeline between the president and the citizens, the press must follow up with the president, and as citizens of a democracy, we have grown to respect and expect the press to give us insight on the president.

The press is the mediator between the president, their job, family and how much the citizens know about the president’s decisions. The press follows the president and make sure they know what is happening with the president, so they must be cordial with one another even if they do not agree with each other fully. As citizens of this democracy, we have grown to rely on the press to inform us on new and vital information we need to know about the president and government.

To have a more cooperative relationship with the president, I would advise the press to be respectful of his family, private issues and certain topics that the president wants to keep private. I would also advise the press to not pressure the president about certain ideas and issues; allow him to open up as much as he wants and provide whatever information he wants to send.

My advice for Trump on how to have a more cooperative relationship with the press is to respect the press and the different journalists. Trump needs to understand that the journalists are only doing their job and they must ask questions, interview, investigate and report to citizens. I would advise Trump to answer the press and journalists in a respectful andhonest manner.

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