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Budgeting in the dining hall centers

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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Many college students deal with hunger and sleep deprivation, so when either of them are compromised in any way it can then become an inconvenience.

During my first year as an underclassman, living in Henninger had its benefits of having some of the best food on campus in my opinion. The variety and assortment of treats and sweets were most appreciated. From the pasta station, to fried delights, and wings on Wednesday, I always found it difficult to choose my meal only to get the same thing every time. Of course, the downside was having to travel to a different dining hall on Friday and Saturday considering that Bayliss-Henninger’s dining center closed on Thursday. So, of course I often found myself at Corbin-Olson for brunch and dinner.

Later when I became an upperclassman, I chose Corbin-Olson as my residence hall. Having the ability to control my air conditioning system, and the benefit of having the option of breakfast, brunch, and dinner right below me in the dining center was well worth it. Now, living off-campus I don’t have the luxury of a meal plan at my fingertips. However, when I heard that those options were no longer available due to budget cuts I couldn’t fathom the possibility. I remember how exciting it was to live in a residence hall whose dining center already featured those meal options, so I can understand a student’s struggle right now.

With Illinois having difficulties handling their budget momentarily, institutions including students and faculty here at Western Illinois University continue to suffer. The circumstances are frustrating considering how much money students are having to come out of pocket for only to have to be penalized because our money isn’t properly being accommodate to our wants and needs is a bit inconsiderate. Western’s campus may not be as big as other institutions, but that doesn’t mean that students should have to travel each morning out of their way just to get breakfast at another residence hall especially for those who have early morning classes. In addition, convenient stores on campus have limited their hours and their supply which contradicts the purpose of a “convenient” store. Yes, life isn’t fair, but this situation has surpassed fairness to a different extent.

Change will forever be constant, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we should have to suffer because of it. Some may say that not having the option of having breakfast in the morning or having convenient store limitations isn’t that big of a deal considering that few people did eat in the morning. Then again, when we as students are paying semester after semester to attend school, meals should be made convenient to us whenever we want. Budgeting has honestly gotten out of hand in more ways than one, and until it gets handled properly situations like these will continue to be happen and be an issue.

College is supposed to be about student’s demand for what they want to do and be. If we’re already having issues pertaining to when and where we can eat throughout the day, who knows what’s next to be taken away from us.

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Budgeting in the dining hall centers