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Be proactive with your mental health

Destiny Kerr, Courier Staff

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We have officially entered our second week of the semester, which means for most of us that the ball is now rolling. The introductory phase of our classes are now over and it’s time for us to snap out of summer mode and into school mode. This transition can be stressful for a lot of people, myself included.

Getting used to our schedules and doing homework all while trying to maintain our social lives can bring stress factors that can make it difficult to stay focused throughout the year. But there is one simple solution that can make a difference in our student lives.

A suggestion I have for students for a successful academic year is to use our WIU staff. These people are here to guide us in the right direction and we should never feel too old to seek help. Especially when it comes to our mental health. In college, stress can quickly turn into anxiety or depression. It’s important that we acknowledge it and stop it before it becomes too serious. Talking to a counselor or social worker on campus could greatly reduce stress. They could help analyze your problems and put your life into perspective for you. Just having someone to vent to is enough to get a lot off your chest. The information you tell them remains confidential and you don’t have to worry about anyone spreading your business.

My reason for emphasizing this topic is to make people more aware of the dangers and risks of mental illness. The more people that are knowledgeable of this issue, the better we can stop the mental health crisis in this country.

Just by simply educating the public and our youth about the dangers of mental illness, we can reduce the number of suicides, drug use and violentbehavior. There’s a heavy issue with an easy solution; talk. Talk to someone who will listen and show you they care.

There’s nothing better than to be reassured that you are not alone. I find myself contemplating a lot about the future and where I will end up. I wonder if I’ll get a good job or move out and get my own place. This point in our lives is all about change and transformation, and we have no choice but to push forward. Even if we’re still unsure where we’re going from here. Everything is all happening right now and it’s a bit intimidating. We’re being forced to grow up, which requires adjustment and learning to be independent. We’re going through all of these changes while keeping up with assignments and deadlines. So, It’s always good to have someone to confide in, and talking to a social worker can help keep a person level headed. It’s never good to bottle up our emotions. I know that mental health is a substantial issue in our world today, especially when it comes to students. School is not always easy and we all hit low points sometime in our academic careers. However, there are people willing to help and who are here for our benefit. Use them, and don’t let stress cause you to fall behind.

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Be proactive with your mental health