ROTC hosts annual Welcome Back BBQ

Marc Ramirez, News editor

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Western Illinois University’s ROTC program has officially kicked off the start of the school year by welcoming back returning cadets and extending invitation to possible new recruits.

Older cadets not only come to throw a ball, some bags, or smash down on some great barbeque, they come to share the wisdom, knowledge and love they have for the organization that’s given them so much. A main purpose of the event is to get to know one another and learn about the more appealing aspects to ROTC.

Kevin Dukes, junior MS3 cadet explains that you truly get a lot out of joining the program.

“People don’t always realize that there are so many benefits joining the Western’s Army ROTC,” Dukes said. “ Job offers after college highlight the management and leadership skills you learn within the program. Also it looks amazing on a resume and not to mention scholarships.”

“Today is just a day to meet and greet everyone new who’s joining ROTC and make sure they’re comfortable,” sophomore MS2 cadet Nimit Zaveri said. “It’s important to make sure everyone feels like they’re apart of the family. We train together, go to school events together, and will be in the line of duty together so the connection needs to be there.

Although yesterday’s event was marked as a welcome back celebration, it quickly became more than that. Three men officially participated in the swearing in and the oath of enlistment into the United States Army. Bryan Bajerski, Swayne Spargo and Zelehovitis Nicholas all recited the words of the oath to receive the title of “New Cadets within their respective MS Ranks.”

“When you decide to join the military you must take an oath of enlistment, basically the oath serves as a bounds for what you swear or attest to do as a US ARMY soldier such as always do your duties, respect the orders of your higher, and perform the actions to best of your abilities,” Zaveri said.

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