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Get involved around campus

Mark Tolliver, Opinions Editor

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Many students come to college just to get their degree and begin their careers but it is important to get involved around campus and make the most of your college experience.

Western is a large campus with a very small school feel which is very helpful and useful for freshmen and transfer students. There are many sports, organizations and clubs on campus to join; and when you don’t see an organization that captures your attention, don’t hesitate to start your own. Getting involved is extremely beneficial here at Western. Being an involved student on campus brings you great network and connection skills. You have the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to meet new people and grow with these people. Meeting new people will come to your aid for many things. You will be able to form study groups for classes, have a group of friends that you regularly hang out with, and even meet people who may eventually become a lifelong friend to you. Because many people have gotten involved on campus, there are some who have met their best friend, significant other, or even made a connection with someone who can help with job placement.

Here at Western, there is a family feel on campus; you can go to anyone on campus to talk to if you need to and even if you need help with anything. The faculty and professors here on campus are amazing when it comes to their openness and availability with students. A great piece of advice is try to get to know your professor one-on-one. Begin to build a strong relationship with your professors. Having a solid relationship with your professors will go a long way through your journey in their class. Great professor-student relationships lead to more one-on-one attention, which can lead towards extensions on assignments and projects, and even lead to job placement and/or job guidance. Professors are very knowledgeable and they have exceptional networks that lead people to unique opportunities.

Don’t allow the college life to overwhelm and stress you out. College carries a very different vibe from high school. Here at college, you are extremely more independent and with that independency comes obligations and responsibilities. Stay up-to-date with your dates and deadlines; keep a planner or calendar. Plan out your day and week with set things you need to do and get them done as soon as possible. If something is unclear, if you’re lost on campus, if you don’t know the answer and even if you just bluntly need help; do not be afraid to ask. You are asking not just for yourself but many times, your question is someone else’s question. That statement is very cliche but it is definitely true. You and maybe two other students are thinking the same thing but don’t want to ask; ask anyway!

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Get involved around campus