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Anastasia belongs among Disney royalty

Emma Johnson, Courier Staff

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At the end of July, Disney and Fox shareholders approved of a merger of the two companies. The nearly $80-billion merger is expected to be completed and pushed through by early 2019. With this merger in place, some commotion has stirred up about whether Anastasia will soon join the Disney princesses. “Anastasia” was produced by two former Walt Disney feature animation directors; however, the film is technically owned by Fox Animation Studios. I personally am a big fan of Anastasia and think she deserves joining the Disney Princesses.

An article posted by BuzzFeed made many compelling arguments as to why Anastasia is well deserving of the crown. The plot of the movie “Anastasia” is that she is the daughter of the Russian Tsar and part of the Romanov family. Rasputin is an evil villain in the movie that sells his soul for the power to kill off the entire Romanov family, but Anastasia escapes. When trying to board a train Anastasia slips and hits her head, losing all her memory from her life aside from a small locket and music box given to her by her grandmother. Anastasia then is raised in an orphanage under a different name, Anya, and throughout the movie she is trying to discover her past and who she is all while fighting Rasputin.

Making Anastasia a Disney Princess would not be far-fetched considering that she is from a royal. She also has an amazing singing voice, which seems to be a trend with all Disney Princesses. Her villain on the other hand, Rasputin, is what I would consider to be the worst villain that any Disney Princess has had to face. I mean come on, he literally sold his soul just to acquire the power to kill off her entire family. Not to mention he is just plain creepy.

Aside from being royal and defeating an evil villain like most Disney Princesses, Anastasia is all around tough. Not only did she lose her memory of who she used to be, she then had to grow up in an orphanage with a completely different name and work in a fish factory. She had to learn how to do things on her own with no family, and she didn’t have some fairy godmother to help wave away her problems.

Now let’s think about the other Disney Princess attributes like the trusty sidekick and the whole finding true love concept. Well Anastasia can check both of those off because she has both. She has Pooka, her adorable dog that is her sidekick, and Dimitri, who eventually she falls in love with at the end of the movie. Another tough attribute about Anastasia is she never played the whole damsel in distress role. If anything, she was the one always having to save Dimitri. Anastasia may be gorgeous and sweet, but she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Anastasia sticks up for herself and teaches young girls to be tough all while still meeting all of the basic Disney Princess qualities. The merger between Disney and Fox will be a huge one for the entertainment business, but Anastasia is well deserving of the Disney Princess crown in my opinion.

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Anastasia belongs among Disney royalty