Fairy Tail final season

Evan Williamson, Courier Staff

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The famous Anime “Fairy Tail,” is returning for a third season (8th in English dub) this fall.

The anime is based on the manga of the same name created by Hiro Mashima. It is about a team that is part of a strong guild of wizards known as Fairy Tail. The group consists of Natsu, a fire dragon slayer; Gray an Ice wizard, Erza the amazing knight wizard, Lucy a celestial wizard and Happy the flying cat. It is a very good show with a mix of comedy, drama, action,and adventure. It is very well written as it sucks you in with multiple story arcs where one arc you wish death on a character, only to love him/her in a later arc. The characters strengths, as well as their weaknesses, are on display, and almost every single character in the anime/manga is shown at one point to be vulnerable, and all the characters that are shown from the background characters to recurring characters have their own personalities. I think this makes the show more realistic.

Another great thing about this show is the little things that you will notice but forget about until you notice the continuing thread later. A moment in Episode 10 is an example of this where Erza is warned by a thought projection to keep quiet about her past, it isn’t until the Tower of Heaven arc starting 23 episodes later that her past starts to be revealed. A longer boiling thread that is a better example is that of Lisanna who is introduced in episode 20 in a flashback when Mirajane tells Lucy the story of how Natsu and Happy met. At the end of the episode, Lucy is looking at a picture taken from the story “and this girl must be Lisanna. That’s weird if she’s Mira and Elfman’s sister how come I haven’t met her yet? I wonder where she is.”

I’m not going to give a lot away basically you start to find out a little bit more about her here and there but she doesn’t show up till Episode 79. The ending of Fairy Tail episodes are some of my favorite episode endings because at the end of an episode the end song (which changes throughout the series) starts 10 seconds before the credits start and it really gets you to look forward to the next episode, the best example I can come up with is from episode 20 the music starts when Lucy is leaving the room it shows the picture from the story then shows a close up of Lisanna (in the picture) before fading to credits. An episode can leave you going through a whole variety of emotions, and those emotions are shown by the characters, Even if you are watching in the original Japanese the emotion transcends language, even in the English dub the opening and closing songs are in format of Japanese and if you read the subtitles its absolutely beautiful (and make great motivators for your playlist).

Once you start watching you won’t want to stop. The “Final Series” is set to debut in Japan Oct. 7. Make sure to check Crunchyroll for details on the American release and Funimation for details on the English dub release.

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