Moving to college is important

Karolina Orszulak, Courier Staff

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Being the first person in my family to go to college was a big step for me but also being the first person to leave home for college was an even bigger step.

Ever since I started thinking about college I knew I didn’t want to stay at home and commute to school. I knew I wanted to get the full experience and be able to be independent. When I finally became a senior in high school, it was time for me to decide where I wanted to spend the next four years. I knew that Western was the right choice for me. I was very nervous about moving four hours away from my family, friends and everything I was use to head out towards a new change.

Moving away for school meant that I gained a completely different type of independence, responsibility and outlook on different things. The main thing was that I didn’t have my mom there to help me out with literally everything. My mom wasn’t there to cook me dinner when I came home late from school, help me do my laundry or even give me a ride when my car wouldn’t start. Although I was super upset that my mom wouldn’t be there for the things I needed, I learned so many different life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Living by myself meant that I was going to have to feed myself. With a bunch of trial and errors and several hours spent on Pinterest, I taught myself how to make a complete home cooked meal. If I would have stayed home for college, I know for a fact my mom would still be cooking for me every night just because that’s what she loved doing.

The best thing I learned how to do since I’ve moved away to school was how to manage my own money and how to manage my time. Since I was living by myself I had to start buying things that usually just ended up in my house, obviously because my mom bought them, like toothpaste or shampoo. I learned how to manage my money and only spend it on things that I absolutely needed in order to survive.

With going away for school I also learned how to manage my time a lot better. I quickly realized how tempting it was to go hangout with my friends every day because they lived on my floor but that was also troubling. You have to learn self-control and how to finish important tasks such as: cleaning your room, doing your homework, or going to work before having a good time. Moving away from home has taught me how to be an adult, without the constant help and care from my parents. No one said it was going to be easier when I went away for school, but it did teach me all the valuable things I needed in order to one day actually be on my own in the adult world.

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