Meyer suspended three games

Christopher Bean, Sports Writer

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, was suspended the first three games of the year and cannot join the team until Sep. 2. The decision came Wednesday night after a 12-hour meeting with the Board of Trustees.

Urban’s former coach, Zach Smith, was accused of committing domestic violence against his ex-wife back in 2015. When Urban was asked about the situation on July 23, at Big 10 Media days, he said he knew nothing. A week after those comments, text messages leaked between Smith’s ex-wife, Courtney, and Meyer’s wife, Shelley.

Courtney told Shelley that she was being abused and told her to tell Urban about it. The next day Urban was placed on administrative leave on Aug. 1. He eventually came out and said he told his superiors.

Meyer and his wife had been counseling the ex-couple since 2009, when they were at Florida University. Smith followed Urban to Columbus in 2012, when he got the job at OSU.

The Board of Trustees needed two weeks before making a final decision.

On Wednesday night they went ahead and suspended him and AD Gene Smith (no relation to Zach). After the all-day meeting, immediately following was a press conference, involving President Michael Drake, G. Smith, and Meyer.

They released statements, which took 20 minutes for them to answer the questions. During President Drake’s statements, he said G. Smith and Meyer did not take sufficient action in the case. Ultimately leaving him no choice, but to suspend them. “I gave Zach Smith the benefit of the doubt… I should’ve done more… The suspension is tough, but I accept them.” Urban said.

G. Smith said he did not know about Zach’s past, but will be more careful during his hearing process. Urban also stated that he did not know about the text messages between Courtney and Shelley, when she was asking for help.

It is unfortunate what happened to Courtney and those kinds of actions should have never happened.

With all the knowledge we now have, Urban has been consistent with one thing, his lies. The moment he was asked about it he told the media he knew nothing, then suddenly, when the story broke out, he then said he knew about it.

“I wish I would have done more.” he said Wednesday might. “I wish I would’ve known more.”

Well which is it Urban? Do you know, or don’t know? I guess we’ll never know what he knew, but we do know is that he got a slap on wrist. Being the head coach at a top university, you are responsible for every player and every coach on your staff in your program.

He clearly was not in charge of this situation. He claimed he did not know his wife received texts asking for help.

It was reported after the suspension was made, that he deleted text messages after they were a year old. I wouldn’t be surprised with more information coming out involving this case within the next day or two.

OSU also released a statement saying that Urban ‘sometimes suffers from a short-term memory loss.’

Obviously, OSU is supporting and still believes in Urban Meyer. But the big question is, will there be more evidence that goes against Urban to get him fired?

OSU’s first three games will be against Oregon State, Rutgers and TCU. Urban will join the team if he doesn’t get fired before then.