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Should student-athletes be paid?

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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Being a former student-athlete; along with having student-athlete friends, I strongly believe that student-athletes should be paid. Being a student-athlete is a full-time job that takes a lot of time, commitment and attention.

You are tied between classes, practices, games and even tournaments. These student-athletes are have to stay on top of their daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal schedules, which can be extremely tedious. The structure that they have on campus can help them down the road, if they choose to remain a athlete and maintain other priorities such as raising a family.

In relation to their hectic schedules; this is great foreshadow of what their life will be like after school, and how their schedules will be fuller, especially if they decide to have a family. Being able to receive compensation for being a student-athlete will cause the students to get the real feel of being an athlete who still has other responsibilities both personally and with the team. This will cause students to learn how to be more accountable and responsibile. These students are accountable to themselves, families, coaches, teammates and fans.

Additionally, the student-athletes are the ones who are the face of the sport for the school. In other words, when publicity happens for sport websites and papers; the students in action are the cover pictures. These student-athletes are the ones who are hustling day-by-day to push through to accomplish both school and sport work. With great accomplishments and recognition from press media, the students should receive some compensation.

This would mean that pay would vary from player to player and even university to university. The universities with the more successful teams usually receive more press time, than those who don’t have such successful teams. Coaches are just as influential when it comes to a teams success. However once the wins come, the coaches start receiving raises and promotions, but not the student-athletes. Student-athletes don’t need to receive pay as high as coaches and athletic directors, but they definitely need some compensation for their determination to stay focused on both school and sport at the same time.

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Should student-athletes be paid?