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Is a college degree needed

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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With another school year upon us, it is important that we understand a college education is extremely vital.

Mastering a college degree is everyone’s top goal and a great milestone that many want to achieve. Yet, the rising tuition and fees for colleges and universities makes the goal of a college education a luxury instead of a necessity.

Having a college education is very important and it shows your qualifications to do a job. With a degree, you have the final credentials that legally certify someone who have specific knowledge and skills and to potentially receive a job in that industry. Being able to obtain that dream of a college degree is a goal to many and that brings satisfaction and comfort. You also gain a sense of maturity and accomplishment. Now the question to pose, is a college degree necessary? Many have debated this idea and are torn between this idea.

A college degree is exceptionally beneficial for a job placement. Having a degree will help you land a solid position at a job. College degrees for employers are ‘stamps of approval’ that you are fit for the job. Job are becoming increasingly more competitive with their education requirements which makes having a college degree a necessity. If you are able to adequately finish college and receive recognition with a diploma you are fit for the job. There are many employers who are looking for exceptional degree seekers and there are even some who are so competitive that the higher and the more degrees you have, the better chance you are to landing a specific job.

Some may counter argue this position with the price of college and the skillset colleges provide. College is becoming more and more expensive and is driving many people away from obtaining their dreams. Also in college, when majoring in a specific program of study, you are limiting yourself to a specific industry of work. When some attend trade or vocational school they are receiving skills that are useful for any job.

College is a great experience and having a college degree is extremely useful.

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Is a college degree needed