The Midnight shines bright with new album

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

The Midnight is an electronic music duo consisting of Tyler Lyle, a songwriter from the Deep South, and Tim McEwan, a producer from Denmark. The sub genre of electronic music they create is called synthwave. Synthwave is 80s electronic music made today with analog synthesizers and drum machines.

The group announced a new album that will release on Sept. 21. The new album is going to be called “Kids,” which is the same name as a track from the original soundtrack of Stranger Things. The music for Stranger Things was synthwave as well. It was composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein from the synth band S U R V I V E. The Midnight’s sound is very nostalgic.

Lyle’s voice can be heard on many of their tracks. Their debut album was called “Days of Thunder” and one of the best tracks on it is “Los Angeles.” The song is about a night you’ll never forget. One of their best albums is called Endless Summer. The first four tracks are amazing. So is the rest of the album. The duo’s slogan is the Japanese term “Mono no aware.” On their Spotify profile, they say, “It means basically, the sad beauty of seeing time pass – the aching awareness of impermanence. These are the days that we will return to one day in the future only in memories.” They probably chose this slogan because of the nostalgic aspect of their sound, which is vocals over heavy synthesizer usage and saxophones.

They have a trailer out for their new album, “Kids,” on YouTube already. The trailer shows the camera zooming through a mall arcade made of laser grids and vector graphics, while one of the songs is teased. The lyrics are nostalgic. The song seems to be about kids growing up, moving away and becoming adults.

One line from the song is, “we grow up and move away. Seasons pass but the monsters stay.” Two songs from the upcoming album are out now as singles. “Lost Boy” and “America 2.” Lost boy is a song about how the singer was lost before he met the girl in the song. America 2 is about searching for America while you’re already living in it.

“Nocturnal” is their latest album and is a powerful one. It begins with a song called “Shadows,” which is about a guy who walks the streets at night feeling emptiness inside.

Out of all the hundreds of synthwave artists making 80s techno in the 2010s, The Midnight probably makes some of the best. Their lyrics are intelligently written and if you’ve been through some of the things they have in the lyrics, the songs will leave you emotionally wrought. The lyrics in the “Kids” trailer alone gave me feelings as a listener. A lot of synthwave artists sell their records on vinyl and cassette tape in the 21st century. This is cool because the music itself is nostalgic. I own “Endless Summer” by The Midnight on cassette. “Kids” is going to be a great album, I can feel it.