Bye-bye by Baylee

Baylee Brynteson, Entertainment Editor

I had a wonderful time working as the entertainment editor for the Courier. I never thought I would ever do anything that involved writing, because I am not very good at it, but I enjoy entertainment news and it just kind of clicked.

I was able to work with some great student writers who kept giving me awesome content for the paper and some wonderful editors who made work more fun.

I have always been terrible at anything that has to do with writing. Whether it be MLA or APA I am just bad… or I thought I was. Being an editor gave me a little more confidence in my abilities.

Thank you to all of my amazing co-editors for being so entertaining and helpful, I was nervous coming into the print side of things and you all made me feel welcomed. I will miss having my Sundays taken up by all of you.

Thank you Nick for giving me this position even though I constantly give you a hard time about everything and anything, you are a great Editor-in-Chief.

I wish I had taken this job sooner so I would have more memories, but I’m thankful for the ones I have even in the short amount of time I was around.

To my successor, John, good luck. This job is rewarding and fulfilling, and I know you are going to do a wonderful job. Make the best of the time that you have here, because it goes by quickly. Make me proud.