Keep it cool Western

Valerie Clemens, Courier Staff

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In the short two years that I have been attending Western Illinois University I have created so many memories, as well as learned countless life lessons.

As a freshman I was over eager to take in all the experiences I could, which is the reason I found myself involved with a few too many organizations on campus. I learned that as great as it is to be involved on campus, it’s important that you don’t spread yourself too thin when first adapting to a new environment.

When I came to the realization that I needed to cut back on my involvement I found myself really enjoying the freedom that came with living on my own for the first time. One of the best organizations that I kept around was my sorority, Delta Zeta. I have been a part of greek life since the beginning of my freshman year and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I made here at WIU. Being involved with greek life has opened so many doors for me both here on campus as well as back home. I have had the opportunity to be around great charity events that truly make a difference while having fun with the campus community.

My favorite thing about Western has been the sense of community that the students create. Western students have this unspoken camaraderie that envelops you in genuine love. Whether you are walking on campus, eating at the union or enjoying yourself at a local establishment, there is always hospitality between the student population. I have loved meeting all the different types of students and becoming friends with people who I never would have imagined being friends with strictly because of the diverse backgrounds we come from. Some of my closest friends are the ones that live the farthest away from me.

Western Illinois has been a grand adventure, but the reason adventures are so fun is because they were not meant to last. With that I say goodbye to the school that has shaped me into the person I am today. Neck up!

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