Thanks for all the memories

Nicholas Ebelhack, editor-in-chief

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After well over 300 issues, hundreds of articles and countless late nights behind the desk, my time at The Western Courier ends today.

It’s a tad bittersweet to leave after running the news desk for the better part of the last three years, writing for four, serving as editor-in-chief for my final year and only managing to tick off a handful of students and staff, an admissions director and a division one swim coach.

I’m moving to Charlotte, North Carolina to work for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity as a Leadership Consultant in less than a month, but I’d be remised to not thank everyone who has had an impact on me while working here.

I’d first like to thank all the editors that helped me get my start back in September of 2014. To Katie Gassman, Cody Rivera, Lucas Whitten, Jacqueline Covey, Kacie Klinge, David Vallandingham and Justin Kozar, thank you for being the friendly faces that brought me through the yellow (now purple) door my freshman year.

Nick Stewart, thank you for being an inspiration to me my freshman year. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would of made it past my second semester as a writer. Thank you for sticking up for me when someone didn’t like what I wrote, that was the definitive moment where I decided that I wanted to leave Western as the editor-in-chief.

Rich Moreno, thank you for your advice even in the limited time that I had access to you. I’m the last student who would have been around while you were the adviser, know that your influence has lasted long after you have left.

Will Buss, thank you for your guidance and company during my terms as news editor and editor-in-chief. I’ve greatly appreciated all the help and advice you have given me, and I know the paper will continue to do great things with you as adviser.

Mom, Dad and Katie, thank you for your support over the last four years, and everything you have done for me prior to that point. It’s been a great four years, but I’ve missed you greatly, can’t wait to see you guys at graduation.

To Shannon Norris and Kirsten Edmunds, thank you for being amazing assistants during my time as news editor. The office has gotten a lot quieter since the two of you have left, you guys brought more spirit and energy than I can remember and I miss you both greatly.

To Pedro Avila, thank you for being one of my greatest supporters, and to Angel Strack, thank you for being one of my greatest critics. It’s important to have both of those kinds of people in your life and I appreciated your work at the photo desk.

Collin Cochran, thank you for being a great edge editor and the first roommate I actually enjoyed being around. Baylee Bryntesson, thank you for your friendship and work at the edge desk as well. I wish the both of you the best in your coming marriage.

Marc Ramirez, Leah Murhpy, and Steven Barnum, the news section is all yours now. Know that there are a lot of people who will look to discredit and deny you, but stay vigilant and watchful. Western’s student body needs you to continue to report the stories they otherwise wouldn’t hear.

I want to also thank the professors and other faculty from the history department in the journalism program, especially Teresa Simmons, Virginia Boynton, Ute Chamberlain, Virginia Jelatis and Jennifer McNabb.

To the men of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, thank you for helping me develop into a leader and a better man over the last two years. My biggest regret is never joining sooner. Keep doing great things and defying the fraternity stereotype, especially in a time where single-sex organizations receive disproportionately negative media coverage.

If I could thank all my brothers by name I would, but I’d like to just name a few that have had more than a substantial impact on my life: Kyle Colson, Zack and Brad Young, Tristan Morrow, Wil Gradle, David Dunn, Patrick Quinlan, Tom Bryson, Austin Spa and of course my three little brothers: Nathan Simon, Preston Bubb and Justin Brown.

Finally, thank you Erika Ward. Thank you for being my coworker, boss, formal date (twice), wine buddy and one of my best friends over the last four years and for many more to come, I’m glad that our friendship started at The Western Courier. You’ve gotten to travel the country for the last year and now it’s my turn, I can’t wait to finally have some adventures to talk to you about the same way you have for me for the last year.

Devon Greene, The Western Courier is yours now. Enjoy it while you have it, even as it makes you lose sleep, hair and patience. The building looks like it’s about to collapse, and it’s a little bit haunted, but you’ve got some of the people you will be closest with in college right here. Journalism has become more important at Western than ever over the last year, and now it’s your turn to ensure the students, staff and community.

Western, I can’t say I’ve always liked being here, that purple and gold runs through my veins or that I’ll ever give you money once you give me that degree, but thank you for the opportunities to lead and develop while earning my education.

Goodbye to most, see you soon to a few, and ODH to those I will always be with.

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