Council awards multiple bids

Erika Ward

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 The Macomb City Council met as Transit Director Nathan Cobb explained memorandums, asking for the construction of 12 bus stop pads and shelters, as well as award fuel bids for the Macomb Transit Facility.

 “The city received a grant about two years ago for the new buses, cameras for the buses and also for some shelters at 12 different locations,” Cobb said.  “Also, across the state, a lot of funds were swept but Macomb had the grant agreement in place so the funds are still available.”

 The Council approved the authorization for Cobb to begin soliciting bids for the construction of these bus stops and shelters.

 Cobb also spoke in favor of awarding the fuel bids for the Macomb Transit Facility to be split between Herr Petroleum Corporation and Halcomb Oil Company.

 “The city reissued the request for bids and we received three proposals, or bids, and this year we have a split on the award,” Cobb said.  “The low bid on the gasoline was at 0.001.”

 This bid was from Herr Petroleum out of Galesburg, Illinois for gasoline. The low bid on diesel was from Halcomb Oil Company from Monmouth, Illinois.

 “We use around 110,000 gallons of diesel and 28,000 gallons of gasoline every year,” Cobb said.  “We’re seeking approval to enter contract with those two vendors.”

 The Council voted and a unanimous decision was made to award the fuel bids to both Herr Petroleum Corporation and Halcomb Oil Company.

 The Council also began consideration for an ordinance to create a Class R plus SS liquor license for Giles & Giles, Inc., and Shooters Restaurant Billiards and Gaming.

 Ron Giles, the owner of Giles & Giles, spoke at a public hearing before the meeting on behalf of the business. Nobody spoke in opposition of the ordinance; however, there was a written protest.

 The Council voted in agreement to move further discussion on the ordinance to next Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

 In other news, the Macomb City Council swore in police officer Jared Swick, a former Western Illinois University graduate, to the Macomb Police Department.

 “Jared was raised in Quincy, Illinois and graduated from Quincy Senior High School,” Police Chief Curt Barker said.  “After graduating from high school, he earned his Associate’s Degree from John Woods Community College and then began attending Western Illinois University.”

 After completing an internship with Quincy Police Department and graduating from Western, Swick was offered a position by the Macomb Police Department in December of last year.

 The Council also awarded Gunther Construction the bids for the Adams Street Improvement project for $880,399.06, the McDonough Street Improvement project for $473,015.41 and  the White Street Water Main Improvement project for $134,836.55. The combined total of these projected bids is $1,488,251.02 for the improvement projects.

 The Council also moved for final action and approved adopting a budget for the City of Macomb for the upcoming fiscal year and approved end of the year transfers.