There shouldn’t be a term limit

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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In our country’s political divide, we all have mixed emotions on our political system; from impeachment, to illegal activity from our political officials, to a political officials term limit.

Our current constitution and laws set limitations and guidelines for our political system with officials; their duties, responsibilities, qualifications and term limits.

City mayors have a term limit decided by the city; each different for a city. For Chicago, the term limit is a four-year limit. The governor of a state has another office that has a term limit decided by the state constitution; the governor of Illinois does not have a term limit and can serve however long they can. The President of the U.S. has a term limit of two, four-year terms.

There are many who debate that the president should have a limit. Some say there shouldn’t be a limit, and some say a specified limit. I personally think there should not be limit to the number of terms a president can serve, but there should be a restriction on the number of consecutive years served. In other words, a president can serve an unlimited amount of terms but no more than four years consecutively. This idea is both a good and bad one and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our country is a democracy, that has a political system of governing. As a democracy, it is a system of government where the people of the country have a right to voice their opinions through elected officials. Our democracy needs rules and laws that make the government an equal and unbiased government for all the entire country’s good. Our country does not need a president/leader who stays in as long as he wants, then that becomes a dictatorship. Countries that have an unlimited term limit for the leader of a country, sometimes becomes a country that is being totally controlled by that one leader, and leads to rebellion and mistrust from the people. Our democracy in this country would begin to fade away if we aren’t successfully exercising the democratic processes in the country.

Having an unlimited president/leader of a country causes the corruption of the government system. The longer a leader leads, the more likely the democratic institutions will be suppressed. The leader will have a longer time to corrupt the entire system and the general public will not be able to understand itstrue reality.

This unlimited presidency term would not be a good idea because new leaders won’t be created. When a leader rules for a long time the country is put in a negative position of not having new leaders. The next generation of promising leaders, next in line, would either give up after losing all energy and grit, or grow too old without finding replacements for the leader.

A president’s term should be no more than four consecutive years and have an unlimited access to running for office and serve an unlimited amount of terms.

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