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SGA rounds out legislative session

Speaker of the Senate Patrick Quinlan gives his final reports of the semester.

Speaker of the Senate Patrick Quinlan gives his final reports of the semester.



Speaker of the Senate Patrick Quinlan gives his final reports of the semester.

Marc Ramirez, Assistant News Editor

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During the Student Government Association’s last general assembly meeting for the academic year, Debbie Kepple-Mamros, Assistant to Joe Rives, Vice President for Quad Cities and Planning, joined SGA once again to discuss final changes in the proposed Higher Values in Higher Education 2017-2027 document.

“Every year we are going to have a strategic plan supplement that allows the university to respond to any new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities,” Kepple-Mamros said. “However, all of it will stay on the foundation of this document. Therefore the document is really the foundation for the next ten years for the university.”

Kepple-Mamros stressed vital it was for all governance groups to endorse the document going forward since the University is entering their accreditation period in the upcoming fall. Kepple-Mamros also expressed how she hopes the updated document showcased the changes that the Student Government Association previously brought up and that the changes made were up to the standards of the general assembly.

The Student Government Association motioned to accept the changes that were made and unanimously passed support for the Higher Values in Higher Education 2017-2027 document with little discussion.

Moving on in the agenda, SGA Constitutional Amendment 2017-2018.001 was brought to the floor during Unfinished Business. Author Grant Reed, SGA President, addressed some of the concerns from last weeks meeting.

“In Bylaw Article I, Section 6, Number 3 which is the Attorney General’s roles and responsibilities, she has changed ‘hold final authority’ to ‘hold final interpretation’,” Reed said regards to the constitutional changes made by Attorney General Kelly Rodgers. “In Bylaw Article VII, Section 2, Number 4, she has also removed ex-officio as a role of the Attorney General.”

Unity Senator Natasha Kelch brought up the concern last meeting that if the UNITY Senator position fell under that LGBT*Q Resource Center as outlined in Article III, Section 5, because she was concerned that the center could possibly not be as successful of representing all constituencies due to the fact that the center has a small staff. Kelch offered a friendly amendment to leave the chair under the possession of UNITY rather than the LGBT*Q Resource Center. During Tuesdays meeting, discussion went further into Kelch’s concern.

Conversation went back and forth across the floor as numerous senators and executive board members discussed whether it would be appropriate to leave UNITY as a separate chair not ran under a larger department or organization. After a vote to leave the constitutional amendment as is and have UNITY under the representation of the resource center, it was decided that UNITY would continue to stand as its own chair.

SGA Constitutional Amendment 2017-2018.001 then proceeded to be passed unanimously as the governing document for the 50th legislative session for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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SGA rounds out legislative session