Vox Machina origins

Evan Williamson, Staff Writer

“Vox Machina Origins” is a six-part series that tells the tale of how the characters in Campaign 1 of the hit Internet series Critical Role meet and eventually become a team. Those that are fans of the show a.k.a Critters will enjoy seeing more of the heroes of the first campaign, which ended Oct. 12, 2017, and see who they were before becoming the saviors of their world.

Those unfamiliar with the show will still be able to enjoy it, as it doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the universe that the story takes place. The first issue starts off at a decent pace as a swamp port town appears to be cursed. It is here that we meet our first pair of heroes Vax’ildan, a half-elven rouge, and twin sister Vex’ahlia a half-elven ranger. They had been hired by someone in the town to find out the cause of the curse.

As they make their way through the swamp arguing like most brother and sisters do. Vex discovers something odd about the swamp water. After a little skirmish that leaves Vax injured the twins meet a peculiar…squirrel!? Yes, in a brilliant way of introducing another main character. The half-elven druid Keyleth who had beast-shaped into a squirrel introduces herself to the twins.

She helps heal Vax and we learn that she is also interested in the water of this town. It turns out that the town wasn’t cursed, but the water was poisoned. Leaving the “strange person” behind. The twins get information to determine their next course of action. Vex uses her charm to get info from the suspect.

When that doesn’t work the twins wait and follow him to his supplier. The twins take out a group of assassins that were tasked to kill them.

While the twins try to determine their next move, Vax suggests they find the druid that they met earlier as the issue ends.

The rest of the series is just as good, the second issue introduces Scanlan Shorthalt a gnome bard and Grog Strongjaw a goliath barbarian. They are the comic relief and it made the story more entertaining to read, it even has a part in it that points back to the events of the first issue. The second issue also introduces another character named Tiberius Stormwind (from Draconia) he is a Dragonborn Sorcerer.

The second issue had more comedy and some little Easter eggs for people who have seen the show. The third issue adds some interesting elements to the story. It also includes action and comedy and the thing I liked about this issue is that the main characters finally meet up. The fourth issue includes a little summary of the events so far. You start to see the relationships between the main characters evolve. The issue has more drama and it ends on a cliffhanger, but not before dropping a huge Easter egg at the end that got me really excited.

The fifth issue kept me on the edge of my seat not only because I was excited to see Vex’s bear Trincket but you also start to find out what is going on. At the end of the issue, the heroes finally come to a mutual agreement and start to plan out how they are going to help out the village. The final issue had it all action, comedy and drama. I liked it but there were things I didn’t understand, and it might require me to reread the series.

I also didn’t like that they still have two characters to introduce but that’s at a later point. The series ends on a cliffhanger, but I think it is popular enough to get a continuing series. At the end of the day, it was great to see the characters that people have fallen in love with again.

I really hope they continue to write what happened before their home game of Dungeon’s and Dragons, and all the adventures they had pre-stream leading up to episode 1 of “Critical Role.”