Small town singer big time voice

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

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If you’ve never heard of Josie Dunne, trust me – one day you will!

Josie Dunne was born in LaGrange, Illinois. Even though she is only 21 years old, her musical talent outshines some that are much older than her. As expressed in an article by the Chicago Tribune, Dunne’s musical influence falls back on her parents Motown and soul tapes she would listen to, as well as the current hits of today. Listening to Dunne’s music it is no surprise that these were her influences growing up, as her sound is something extremely authentic.

Dunne attended Lyons Township High School (as did I) and performed at school functions such as the all school assembly where over 4,000 students and faculty members watched her shine doing what she loved. In addition to playing at school events, Dunne also played at local bars and restaurants in the Chicago suburbs.

In addition to playing outside of school, Dunne also helped craft songs for famous performers such as Kelly Clarkson. It is no surprise that many alums of Lyons Township watch as Dunne paths her way to stardom- well, at least I know I have been!

Since graduating from Lyons Township High School Josie Dunne has grown her fanbase on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, where she often covers hit songs in her own unique and creative style.

Dunne has performed at numerous colleges, sports events, and has even been played on Radio Disney! Currently, Dunne has two songs released on Spotify, “Old School” and her newest release of just a few days- “Good Boys.” “Good Boys” is a song that gives much needed attention to the boys out there in the world that may not be tall, dark, and handsome – but are still unbelievably attractive in their own ways.

This song has already surpassed 27,000 listens on Spotify. Though, both of these original songs by Dunne show her unique style, beautiful talent, and ‘old soul’ as some may say.

With the release of her music video for her second single “Good Boys” just two days ago, Dunne has already reached over 8,000 views and has received an endless amount of positive feedback. “Why isn’t she famous yet?” one Youtube comment read. Which brings up a good question- why isn’t she? Dunne’s unique style and raw talent sets her apart from even the most successful musical artists of today.

As Dunne expressed in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, “I always want to tell a story and be true to my experiences and be as authentic as I can in my lyrics” and this is extremely clear through the soul of her music.