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You should be proud of your parents

Donnetta Shanklin, Opinions Writer

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College is hands down one the most expensive things one can spend in their lifetime. Whether it is community college, or a four year university, it can really add up.

The costs can be overwhelming, and this could even be why some people choose not to go to a four-year university at all. Coming to a four-year university, I noticed a lot of times people get teased for having parents that are able to help them pay for college. This is weird because I would love it if my parents were able to help pay for a four-year university. I myself, as well as many other students are struggling to get through college day by day, year-by-year, so putting someone down because their parents can help pay for them is crazy.

Just because your parents can help you pay for college doesn’t mean you are stuck up or spoiled. And just because your parents can’t help you pay for college doesn’t mean you’re poor or unfortunate. There are many different students with different backgrounds, so to make that assumption is quite unnecessary. There are also different types of students. Some students don’t not even want their parents to help pay for their college tuition, because they don’t feel like they’ve earned it. There are some students that could never wish their parents that much financial debt. Even if their parents are well-off, paying thousands of dollars could affect you in the long run. Accepting the money your parents give you for college does not make you spoiled, it honestly shows that you care.

As to the opposing side, just because your parents can not help put you through college doesn’t mean that you’re poor. Honestly some parents just can’t afford to help put their kids through college because of the type of school they are attending. For example, League schools can cost over $100,000 by the time you graduate. Rich or poor, some students would not want that financial burden on them, or their parents. Another huge reason why some students might not want their parents to pay for them is because they are adults, and should be able to pay for themselves. It’s great to know that you went to a four-year university on your own with no help. Just because you parents can’t help doesn’t mean that you are broke. When you go to college you are starting to become an adult. You have to learn how to grow up. Being able to take financial responsibility for yourself is a huge milestone.

Going to a university and paying for it by yourself, can help you better prepare for the real world. No matter what the situation is the overall goal is to get a degree.

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You should be proud of your parents