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SGA discusses constitutional changes

Student Government Association Attorney General Kelly Rodgers presents the 50th legislative session's constitution Tuesday.

Student Government Association Attorney General Kelly Rodgers presents the 50th legislative session's constitution Tuesday.

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Student Government Association Attorney General Kelly Rodgers presents the 50th legislative session's constitution Tuesday.

Marc Ramirez, Assistant News Editor

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During Tuesday’s Student Government Association Attorney General Kelly Rodgers proposed the second reading of the SGA Constitutional amendments for the 50th legislative session and beyond beginning the next academic year, 2018-19.

Rodgers started the meeting by explaining all changes to the governing documents were done so to ensure proper function of the association. Over the last academic year Rodgers and the constitution committee have been reviewing the constitution and bylaws and came to the conclusion that there was a need for change.

“Several constitutional amendments and revisions have been made over the course of the previous academic years, signaling the need for a comprehensive review,” The SGA Constitutional Amendment 2017-2018.001 reads, The ad-hoc Constitution Committee has thoroughly reviewed all articles of the constitution and bylaws, debated new updates and changes, and have created a comprehensive and cohesive new document.”

Changes were made in various articles and sections of the constitution and bylaws. One that came into question however was Article III, Section 5, pertaining to the makeup of The Senate under certain organizations. Unity Senator Natasha Kelch became concerned when the Unity Senator position fell under the LGBT*Q Resource Center.

“The thing with the LGBT*Q Resource enter is it has just the likely chance of going under as Unity if not more because it’s only staffed by one person,” Kelch said. “I’ve also talked with the current grad assistant of the resource center now, and he is against the idea of the resource center having control over who’s the rep.”

Senate Clerk Maddie Heinzer responded to this concern by explain that it was chosen to be set up this way because each senator in the room is supposed to show a clear representation of their constituencies and to do so each senator should also be housed by the organization that clearly houses each organization. Kelch offered a friendly amendment to this section of the constitution, which may possibly be enacted in the voting of the Constitutional Amendment 2017-2018.001 next meeting. More areas of focus during discussion were Article VII, Section 2 and Article VII, Section 3, Impeachment Recommendation Committee and Process of Removal. Rodgers and the committee overseeing changes in the constitution and bylaws wrote out the various steps of impeachment if the process were ever to happen. Clarification was asked for pertaining to the Attorney General acting as exofficio overseeing the impeachment process but also acting as a tiebreaker if one were needed. Rodgers acknowledged the confusion and will bring a more concrete stance and next weeks meeting.

In later discussion was SGA Bill of Resolution 2017-2018.009 pertaining to a definition of student academic freedom to be included in a Student Bill of Rights. College of Business and Technology Senator Amanda Wrenn wrote the bill in efforts to have a student definition accepted by the Student Government Association. It was decided by the SGA to table the bill until next week when a more cohesive definition can be formed.

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SGA discusses constitutional changes