Macomb is too small

Destiny Kerr, Courier Staff

This weekend I took a trip to Peoria for the first time. I was astonished by how much the small town had to offer. There was a variety of stores, a shopping mall and an abundance of restaurants and food places. In comparison to Macomb, Peoria is a wonderland. We don’t have anything here to accommodate those who are used to living in bigger cities. If Macomb had more to do off of the WIU campus, to me, it would feel more like home.

For one, a lot of space is taken up by unnecessary duplicates of businesses. There’s two McDonalds’, two Burger Kings (on campus and off campus), and they are currently building another CVS. Why in the world do we need another CVS, of all things? A fair amount of that space could have been used to build new attractions for the town. Maybe an arcade, or a fun environment for students to hang out at off campus.

There are not many things to do here in Macomb off campus, with it being such a small town and all. I think the mayor should try to invest more of the town’s budget into building more places to evoke student interest, which can also be open to residents too.

A strip mall would be nice for college students to visit and shop during our free time. Also, more popular food joints and restaurants will expand the options to choose from when we’re dining out. Not only will students and residents enjoy their time here, but it will increase the number of visits of non-residents and spark the interest of potential students.

Don’t get me wrong, Macomb has a couple of attractions for entertainment. I personally take full advantage of the movie theatre and skating rink whenever possible. There are some pretty good food places too. However, all of these are known only to the locals. There is no Yummy Chen’s or Chicks anywhere else. Maybe some nationally known places will make students, especially those from out of town, feel a sense of familiarity to Macomb. McDonalds is typical. But a Popeye’s, Portillos or a Steak N’ Shake are all potentially good additions that could be added to the town. All I’m asking for is just a little bit more to choose from for those of us who are unfamiliar with the locally owned businesses.

I am not trying to turn Macomb into another Peoria. There are a lot of great things about this town. But coming from a big city and having to adjust to a smaller town makes me more conscious of how much I’m missing. I’m used to being able to go out and explore, knowing there is so much to do outside of the comfort of my own home.

I felt more at home in Peoria because there were a lot more places that were well-known to me, and a significant amount of things to do. Maybe Macomb should consider expanding, and make all of us big city students feel at home.