New Fallout 4 mod is in the works

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic video game released in 2015 by Bethesda Game Studios. Its been 3 years since the games release, which has given the modding community plenty of time to develop mods, or modifications, for the game. “Mods” are community-made or fan-made add-ons or expansions to popular video games. There is currently a mod in development for “Fallout 4” which is an ambitious, large-scale project. It takes place in Seattle, Washington, 200 or more years after a nuclear war.

“Fallout 4” takes place in Boston, and one of the game’s Downloadable Content expansions (DLC), Far Harbor, takes place in Bar Harbor, Maine. This mod will be for PC only, not PS4 or Xbox One, and will be called “Fallout: Cascadia.”

Fallout: Cascadia’s development team is full of talented graphic designers, voice actors, level designers, concept artists, programmers, sound designers, and more. They are working together to create a great mod that faithfully recreates Seattle and the surrounding areas. This mod takes place chronologically in the future compared to other Fallout games, in the year 2329. This means trees are re-growing and civilization is rebuilding after years where there was no plant life. Fallout takes place in a post nuclear war world.

Cascadia takes place during a time when the world is recovering. However, conflict and turmoil still plague the wasteland.

The developers are also bringing back the old dialog system and revamping it. No longer will you only be able to choose from four vague speaking options.

Now, you can select from a list of what your character wants to say just like you could in “Fallout 3” and “New Vegas.” This might mean that the player character no longer has a voice actor. This is ok because in “Fallout 3” and “New Vegas” the character didn’t have a voice actor either.

If you follow the official social media accounts, including YouTube, of the Fallout: Cascadia development team, you can see that they are really creating something amazing. They have some trailers on their YouTube channel and broadcast live multiple times per week. They show off their game development process of those live streams.

Recently, the team posted a picture on twitter of a beautiful scenic overlook in the world of Cascadia. It looks amazing.

There is no release date set for this mod. They say whenever its finished, it will be released. This means that we don’t know how long we will have to wait for Cascadia to come out.

The other thing the people behind Fallout Cascadia are doing is bringing back the old S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, which is the in-game system that defines what your character is like.

Recently, another large mod of “Fallout 4” called “Fallout 3” in “Fallout 4” got shut down. “Fallout 3 in Fallout 4” was supposed to be a remake of “Fallout 3” in “Fallout 4’s” game engine. However, due to issues with copyright, it was shut down. When this happened, the Cascadia team posted on social media that their mod will keep going, and be “for the fans – forever free”

This mod is only for computer/ PC only. If you have an Xbox One or PS4 you will not be able to play it. This is because the add-ons, resources and textures they are creating are not supported by consoles. I can’t wait for “Fallout: Cascadia!”