Fleetwood Mac drops longtime guitarist

Brie Coder, Courier Staff

Being in any band is like a revolving door. You come in and not too long after making your appearance in the band, you get kicked out or just leave on your own. On April 9, the soft rock group, Fleetwood Mac, decided to fire their longtime guitarist Lindsey Buckingham after a disagreement over the bands upcoming tour. They will be replacing Buckingham with Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of the Crowded House. Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974, around the same time singer Stevie Nicks joined the group. He wrote and sang many of the loveable tunes we know including “Go Your Own Way,” “Tusk” and “Second Hand News.” He remained active with the band, by helping them write the music and touring with them for two decades. When the news broke, Fleetwood Mac issued a statement but did not mention how devastated they were to let go of Buckingham. Instead they focused on the new guitarists who will join them on this upcoming tour, and how excited they are to have them in the group. “We are thrilled to welcome the musical talents of the caliber of Mike Campbell and Neil Finn into the Mac family.” Fleetwood Mac said “With Mike and Neil, we’ll be performing all the hits that the fans love, plus we’ll be surprising our audiences with some tracks from our historic catalogue of songs. Fleetwood Mac has always been a creative evolution. We look forward to honoring that spirit on this upcoming tour.” Music magazines like Rolling Stone have tried to reach out to the remaining members for comments about the issue, but haven’t received an answer at this time. If there is one thing that Fleetwood Mac thrives on is the constant drama that surrounds them. Back in January of this year, the group accepted an award from the MusiCares Person of the Year at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Buckingham told the crowd that him and his fellow band mates have made some of their best music when they all were at each other’s throats, and that they know they’re dysfunctional, but their chemistry together is what makes their music so great. This five-group band (prior to adding the two new guitarists) defines the ultimate rock and roll band. With so many confrontations, affairs and drugs it’s no wonder they all at some point had to “Go Their Own Way.” If you’re a fan of the group, more news will come to light within the next couple of weeks, because the manager of Fleetwood Mac has not responded as to what exactly happened that caused the sudden change in the original lineup. The band is currently touring in Europe from April to late May.